Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Mueller Report -- or -- How to Look Shady as Hell Without Trying

This is a political post. 

After two long years of waiting, the weekend that March Madness started and Duke nearly got knocked out before the sweet sixteen, the investigation into if the sitting President of the United States colluded with foreign agents was completed. The conclusion? We don't know yet. We don't know because the Justice Department won't release the completed document. The newly appointed Attorney General has produced a four page summary of the three hundred page report suspiciously fast, and said report in his opinion indicates there was no collusion. Honestly, 99.9% of us still don't know what the report actually says.

Now, a number of indignant conservative pundits and legislators want to believe we do, although at this point we have what at best might be considered the Cliffs Notes version, more likely a Wikipedia stub entry or at worst a confederate version of the history of the war between the states. That the Attorney General then indicated that the person who was the object of the investigation will get to see it - and edit it - before any of the rest of us just keeps making the whole thing look less and less legitimate.

And the powers that be, those powers that we are investigating, just don't care what we think. 

The law, for those who don't know, is a funny thing. Open to vast interpretation. You know what I mean. Think about how you can watch on video an officer clearly be seen doing X or Y action that obviously shows that they broke the law, but that same video when viewed by a friendly prosecutor the action somehow fails to rise to the level of prosecutable offense. This is one of those moments, only on a national scale. We have all sat here, listened and learned of meetings with foreign agents not reported and then lied about, clear and convincing conflicts of interest, and of business dealings with foreign agents not disclosed. Yet we're supposed to believe the report yields nothing even of intrinsic value? The police have investigated themselves and found they did nothing wrong, and no you can't see the evidence. Here we just substitute the word 'government' for 'police.'

Barr's interpretation of the evidence and if it rises to the level of collusion is plainly suspect. And now that we know the summary he produced now looks more like a 30 second synopsis of a 26 hour Ken Burns documentary only raises more questions. And if the pool of people who can see the raw evidence is limited to those who feel that the investigation was a waste of time, this begins to look like even more collusion. That Cheeto was okay with releasing it, but his hand picked people want it edited first gives rise to the idea that the truth only those pages may get more than a few more folks locked up. And the inane assertion that Congress can't see the raw evidence when there are sitting members of Congress with top secret clearance is pure 'shuck and jive.' A government of checks and balances under this administration is no more.

We need to do better. The treatment of this investigation is part of, and maybe the culmination of a continuing degradation of the truth via the assertion that opinion outweighs facts, a theme that began day one when Cheeto swore his inaugural audience was the largest ever and has gone on to become this administration's stock and trade. That they expect half the country to believe whatever they say despite their long track record of half truths, deception, deflection and out right falsehoods is laughable. That the other half this country is happy to go along with this farce as long as that they get to impose their beliefs on the first half is just frightening. 

This is why voting is important, and why everyday the Democratic establishment appears to pin it's hopes on reason and common sense winning out seems more and more like a pipe dream.

We live interesting times. I really wish we did not.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019


Just past, in the land of peace and Hobbits, those who would see all who are not them as lessors have burst from the shadows and wreaked havoc among the ordered lives of the faithfully religious. And the discourse is outrage, as it should be. Mourn those who knelt in communion and were unceremoniously ushered into the next by cruel intention. And unleash your disdain for the action and ideas that precipitated this event. Let he who hath done this live with scorn all his days. Let those who would deflect the pain and suffering he has caused, by pretending he is something other than what he himself has professed to be, share in his disdain.

But alas, while those at the brunt of the tragedy take heed of their lesson, we here seemed primed to fail one of those things that mean maturity: Learning from the mistakes of others. We find ourselves wrapped in ideology, in notions powered by ignorance and in fear of what may come hold on even tighter for what is past. Our trial awaits in the shadows, for we imagine ourselves invincible, our demons all imagined. Lo that day fills me with dread.

Thoughts and prayers may well be wishes in the face of action to fix the problems we ignore for the sake of hubris.

We're all coffee, the grind is just different

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Things I'm not gonna talk about

Ramblings Post #364
I seriously did not even realize it had been that long since I posted. Work has been ugh, social life has been ugh, diet has been ugh, and I just need something new to kick start whatever comes next. I would say I'm having a mid-life crisis, but I can't afford it. But I know something needs to change. Maybe I need a massive overhaul. 

It's been since January? Damn. 

Life seems to be in awful hurry lately. Was it just five years ago that the world seemed to be, maybe slower? I had time to digest things, to research the headlines to see what was really going on. To put together coherent discussions about what was happening. Now? I'm still writing these things, but by the time I've sat down and started looking into the details of something, so I don't sound like an idiot,  I'll be damned if something else doesn't come along. And since I have like, a job, and want to leave my house on occasion, taking the time for this type of timely commentary is much more difficult.

So here is a short list of things I'm not going to talk about. Really. Not going to say anything about this here because I just want you guys to be aware that I am paying attention, I'm just keeping my mouth shut.

R. Kelly - who is his attorney and why would you let him go on TV? I know clients don't listen, but he has to know that he's in a situation where if he's emotional it will be used against him and if he's cool and collected, it will be used against him. And where does all the money keep coming from to get his ass out of jail?

Cohen - I always thought that people who get called Rats are called Rats by people who are doing something worth Ratting on.

The Cowboys - So, we don't want to pay Cole Beasly or Earl Thomas, and defensive monsters Randy Gregory and David Irving just smoked themselves out of the league. And we got no first round pick. Insert Heavy Sigh.

Manafort - Seriously. A good person? Does the judge hang out with the Dallas defense? The man's entire livelihood before the election was fronting for dictators. This good folks is why you vote - because we need people who will appoint smarter judges.

Mueller - Sadly despite what will surely conclusively damning evidence, our current President is at the level of Louisiana politician. The only way he'll lose supporters is to "catch him in bed with a dead woman or a live boy." [see Edwin Edwards]

Atlanta Weather - I'm totally in the wrong here, but damnit I miss that drought.

Democrats - Seriously, is every-fucking-body running for President? I know it's early, but damn. And will Democrats wise up and realize that even if your favorite drops out you still HAVE TO vote for whatever Democrat is left. Period, full stop. The moment for holding the party hostage to get relief for own special interest can come later. Seriously.

- I should have said the Lakers, but really, who else on the team is there to talk about? I wonder if when he arrived he was under the impression that Magic and the rest of the front office would let him just take over?

Megan Markle - No seriously. I got nothing. Hope the baby is healthy.

Florida Spa
- Who knew that one little tug would unearth so much dirt? Billionaires who should have supermodel girlfriends - or at least Instagram model girlfriends paying for towel service? And now we find out the founder of the Spa watched the SuperBowl with Cheeto? Not that his supporters care, but damn.

This stuff, this right here, I got nothing to say about it. Nada. I'm just not going to take the time the energy or the effort to put together anything on these because by next week no one will care. They should, but by then our dear leader will have tipped over a brand new hornets nest.

Obama's biggest scandal was the tan suit. Man I miss those days.

Barkeep. Can I get need to see some ID? Dude, I used to come in here all the time!