Thursday, February 13, 2020

Can the City of Dallas please buy the Cowboys football team?

Ramblings Post #380
Few thing arouse our emotion like sport. I has no real bearing on the lives of 99% of us, yet it can and has become the focus of so many of us. We live and breathe our chosen games, spiritually sharing in the triumphs and wailing at defeat. Why? Because, that's why. And that's all you need to know.  

I first saw the rumor on Instagram. Micheal Irvin said he had to put his drink down. Then I heard Colin Cowherd extol the virtues of such an arrangement. It's been discussed that it's just a ploy to get Dak to the table and get a deal done. I don't care. All I know is, and I'm going to say this emphasis....


Just don't. Tom Brady is first, not the quarterback he once was and second, and I cannot stress this enough, I'm fairly certain that he can't win without Bill Belichick and that special brand of less than kosher football they play in New England. Every ring they have is tainted, and just last year they proved they still haven't learned their lesson.

There I said. And pretty boy Brady is one good hit away from just putting on a suit at halftime and going upstairs to sit in the broadcast booth. Okay maybe, just maybe he can win you a single Superbowl, but he's got at most two more seasons in him. And then it's off to see if you can luck into a good quarterback again like you did Dak. Sure, you'll hit the lottery three times in row.

Bottom line - Dak Prescott is a future, and Tom Brady is the one night stand. 

Don't do it.