Saturday, July 31, 2021

Black Art - Stuff I like

Ramblings Post #398
I like art. I would love to be able to take art trips, to travel to someplace and spend a day or two in a museum or gallery just gazing upon the art, consumed by it. There is something deep inside that moves someone to create. I like to think I'm affected by it, although my daily word count might have a different opinion. To see nothing and envision something there. I recently found out that some people just can't imagine - they literally can't see it in their head. Their imaginations don't work like that. So maybe I'm lucky. And that means I should share

This is the artist and some of her work. She goes by the pseudonym Hudayouthinkiam, because although her work his nature and animals, her most striking work focuses on women and their sexuality. But she doesn't paint faces, so the question is who do YOU think I am?  

Sometimes it's the detail that the artist is able to capture, if not highlight. Note the individual hairs, the small scars. It's like a photo, but richer and deeper. This piece by Babajide B Olatunji is in my opinion fantastic. The artist's work capturing the Tribal Markings really makes it more than just a story or idea you've heard of that happened or happened in Africa.

But sometimes detail isn't what you want. You want a vibe, a feeling, a concept. Art by Alyah is bright, fresh and colorful. In these times where we've started to regret those nice neutral colors that we painted the living room, her paintings give a bright splash of possibility. 

I want the future to bright and colorful, but also to be a study into who I am and where I've come from at the core of me. I like to think I'm more than just a black boy from South Carolina. 

Barkeep. There is a bottle down there with some moonshine in it. I know, I put it there.

Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Oh, you serious serious?

Ramblings Post #396
I am firm believer in having to suffer the consequences of your actions. And while I understand that the universe is random, there is just something spiritually irritating when you see someone doing something you know is wrong, they know is wrong, everyone can see that it's wrong and they still come up aces. Especially when you've played by the rules and find yourself less than rewarded. As someone said, how do we convince the next generation to work hard, when all they see are rich criminals and broke college graduates?

Well damn.

I really had tried to stay out of the Sha'Carri Richardson discussion. I had feelings on both sides: first that it's a dumb, archaic rule that makes no sense at all given the circumstances or the world we currently live in OR the reason for the prohibition. But on the other hand, she definitely knew the rule, knew the consequences, and instead of perhaps getting drunk like so many others of us would have done in the same situation, she decided to light one up. Ultimately was a decision that she made that she knew she would have to live with. And all the arguments I've heard one way or another (some so nonsensical it hurts), they all seem to forget that while the professional and legal landscape for us civilians is shifting, the same rules don't necessarily apply to elite athletes. Just like we can run down to the store or lay out by a pool unbothered, it ain't the same for them. A burger and fries is cool for you and I, but may be off limits to them as it may wreck some optimal balance for peak performance. We different. Recognize how it is for us ain't always how it is for them. So while I didn't necessarily agree with it, I was okay with the short suspension. But then I was okay with that when I thought it meant that while she couldn't compete for the hundred yard dash she'd at least get hers at the relay.

Now they done gone and left her off the team.

Well damn.

Some of it, I imagine, comes down to space. You only have so many slots and if god forbid someone can't compete you don't want to end up short because one of your teammates is still under suspension. I'm going to call it a strategic decision. Hope for the best but prepare for the worst. I'm trying to not fault people just doing their jobs here. Still...., this decision just feels wrong. It's like being down by ten in a football game, and going for the kick first inside two minutes, inside the twenty. It can be justified theoretically. After all, you need the points anyway, now or later shouldn't make a difference. But it just feels wrong. This feels wrong.

Especially in light of the banning of the swim cap the black women used. Or the decision that the two African women's testosterone was too high to compete fairly. I'm not saying, but I shole does look...funny.

For Ms. Richardson however, there will be another chance in three years, god willing. I don't think this was fair, and between now and then it needs to be addressed. And I'll need someone to explain to me who cannabis is a performance enhancing drug in this situation.

Barkeep. Just nice Chablis. I have no idea why, but this just sort of calls for it.