Tuesday, November 3, 2020

A Very Dark Comedy - The Pivotal Scene

This is a political post. 

And now we reach the the Moment

There is a moment in a play where the action culminates. All the threads so carefully woven come together and the story becomes clear. Sometimes its the killer is revealed. Or the act of betrayal is complete. We see the hero finally triumph. And suddenly it all makes sense, this story that has consumed us. It is the moment that we have been waiting for, and we let loose that breath stuck in our lungs.

But this isn't really like a play. 

This is more like..., the end of a long hard football game. The quarterback has lead his team on a drive for the ages. He has ducked a sack by inches, and managed to get a pass just barely over outstretched fingertips. He has overcome penalties and setbacks, bad plays and taken advantage of busted coverage. And now, with nearly no time left on the clock he has put his team in a position of triumph.

Only it's not up to him.

The kicker trots onto the field. His aim true and leg strong. But the wind is gusting, and the ball is slippery. And so the quarterback, a steely eyed missile man who has danced between linebackers and ducked defensive ends walks off the field. He goes to the bench, not bothering to remove his helmet, and with his head down begins to pray. It is almost too much to bear. 

All that's left is the snap, the hold, the kick.

Let it be true.

Let us pray.