Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Where have I been? (Thoretically speaking, ya know)

Ramblings Post #324
It is what it was, because what its gonna be ain't come yet, until you do what you gotta do, and all you got is what you have. So just go get it done already. Damn. 

Until I need it again.
If you read this regularly, (and you probably don't)  you may be asking yourself where is all the witty dialogue and commentary on the modern election? I was so good last time I must be itching to get at the reins again. And this contest is just so rich with things to tear into. Or why not praise MY newly rejuvenated Dallas Cowboys, who are rolling this season with Dak Prescott at the reins? As much as I think of the guy, I think Tony has taken his last snap, at least with a star on his helmet. Or comment on the shows I've been watching, asking questions about the modern mystery sci-fi hybrid Westworld? So many questions, but it's only episode two, so I'll try to be patient. Or my impressions on Issa Rae's HBO debut with Insecure? It's a we'll see for now. Or how Parker messed his big film coming out in Birth of a Nation? We got different rules now bruh, catch up. Or explaining the prep for new project - a novel in thirty days with the National Write A Novel In Thirty Days Event happening in November? Stopping one to write another is bad, but I need to get my daily writing numbers up and this is how I'm going to do it.

No updates on Schmoopy, Spanky, Serve or Sporty. Nothing about my old running Partner's wedding that I attended.  The career direction I've re-oriented myself to as the time passes and it seems I'm not progressing at the speed I had hoped. (For the last one, it's the Sharperson method:  If the game plan isn't working like you expected, you make adjustments - keep a back in to block, slide the linebackers out, change the coverage, do something!) Hurricanes, lunch monotony, college football, Atlanta gentrification, Big Papi's retirement, chicken wings, comic books, Samsung phones, or any of the restaurants I've breezed through as of late.

Why? Am I tired of updating my life to strangers? Or more aptly tired of screaming into the darkness? Or is it that maybe I just have nothing else to say?

None of these are true. I'm just in a different space right now. And now, because I'm doing five or six things at once, things come in bursts. Little mental storms of creativity where things just pour out. Those half finished posts I used to sketch out at lunch no longer get the full treatment. It's weird. I got other stuff I got to get out first.

But this too shall pass. Turn the faucet on full blast for a while. Just not right this minute.

Barkeep. Water. Ice. Lemon. And a quiet song because I got a busy week to go.