Tuesday, March 30, 2021

So, YOUR boy.... (as required by Internet Rule #478b)

Ramblings Post #391
My friend and I trade memes to pass this lockdown time. I mean, I haven't been vaccinated yet and there IS a 1 in 5 chance of having a serious medical aliment that follows you for the rest of your life if you get it, so I'm enjoying some me time. But anyway, we trade memes. Silly memes, sports memes (she hates the Cowboys) and political memes. But she's not as attuned to frivolities of the Internet like myself. But she does occasionally send the wicked curve-ball. I'm glad this isn't in her wind up.

I have absolutely no interest in viewing Lil Nas' new video for his new single MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name). Zero. Why don't you watch it before you judge you might retort? I would decline, for the preview images have already given rise to the idea that it is not for me. Note here, I didn't say bad, evil, demonic,  objectionable or not worthy of it's creation. I said that it is NOT FOR ME. There are a lot of things in this world that may be in essence good, or at least something we should reserve judgment for... like say, bananas or Adam Sandler films. But sometimes you just know something isn't for you, and subjecting yourself to it would problematic. So I'm going to say that this song, which I understand is along the lines of an open letter to himself about coming out as gay, is not for me.  

And no, I don't eat bananas because first there is just something wrong with the texture and second the taste of them is just weird (perhaps it's just me because I never really ate them because of the texture). And Adam Sandler is hit or miss, honestly.

Now I've watched and enjoyed other media focused on coming out stories, on gay men and women, on satanic worship, etc, so I don't think that this is bias thing. I thought South Park's gay couple of Satan and Saddam Hussien was funny, so the visuals for the video are not even a wholly new idea. And despite the 73,000 remixes of Old Town Road I was still in favor of  the young man getting his money. I mean Lil Nas X's rags to riches story of his come up is fantastic. The ASCAP money alone must have been staggering. And since then he's become a new millennia celeb, putting up top choice snark on Twitter and doing the rounds. 

This is his next project? This? 

I'm not sure what he's going for here. Is this a declaration of his identity? Because I'm fairly sure most of us already knew he was gay. An image change? I thought we already had enough "evil" rappers, but maybe he's got a spin on it we haven't seen. A record label indulgence for a successful artist? Wouldn't be the first or last time. But whatever this is he's definitely committed. Instead of just the video which could be waved away as a questionable artistic choice, as part of his promo he had commissioned 666 pairs of Nike Air Max 97 shoes in black and red, which feature a real drop of blood (hopefully his own, but I don't know), a pentagram attached, the number 666 emblazoned, and a bible verse about the devil, John 3:18. A collaboration with art collective MSCHF (which Nike has disavowed), the shoes were priced at $1,018 a pop and sold out in less than a minute. 

If you're gonna be a bear....
What I don't understand is that he is mildly upset, perhaps weary, of the outrage. He knew this was coming, after all he lives in a country that takes umbrage at people not saying bless you when someone sneezes. Lap dancing the devil in your music video is just a bit above that. Yes, we are an increasingly secular country, but when you push at the boundaries things don't always go as planned. I hope he calculated the duration properly - see Dixie Chicks. 

Like Issa Rae once said, I'm rooting for everybody black. This don't really have my blessings though, but then who am I to judge? I just hope he knows what he's doing, because while things have changed in the past few years, they ain't changed that much. 

Barkeep. Let me get a glass of that Cali Red from Snoop Dog. My people say that wine is the bomb.

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Done Deal

Ramblings Post #390
Every year I always wonder what we do each weekend without football. It's like the season happening causes amnesia as to the things we do instead. I personally have been writing (well, mostly napping) and as my father says, ducking the virus. I had hoped to get more done, I've got a whole host of things I could be doing even just inside my house. But that couch keeps....er, that keyboard keeps calling me. Napping. I'm mostly napping. 

First, it's good to have a quarterback. Finally.

Everyone knew this deal would get done, so I don't know what took so long. As last year proved in the NFL, it turns out that quarterback is not an interchangeable position. All across the league, due to injury, Covid, or just bad play coaches found out that you can't just put someone there who knows the playbook, like say defensive end, and get only marginal appreciable loss. An average end can still make stops. An average QB affects the whole offense. The Cowboys thought they had that covered with the Red Life Insurance policy, but when they filed their claim and had to actually play him, it became clear that the best laid plans sometimes turn to garbage. We're not even going to discuss the DiNucci incident.

Prior to his injury, Dak was on fire leading the league in passing so much that he still was at the top end a week later. And as a starting cornerback and linebacker...wait, checks notes,....Dak doesn't play defense. So it's NOT his fault the Cowboys defense couldn't stop a runaway toddler. But then offense always been the team focus, even back when Romo could get you 35, the defense would routinely allow 40. And the vaunted Cowboys teams of the long, long ago had top tier defensive talent. Really, go look at the records. So since the Prescott deal is structured to still give them some cap space, someone tell Stephen, not Jerry, that a decent cornerback, free safety, or outside linebacker wouldn't be the worst pickup from free agency. I'm just saying.

Yes, Dak worked them. I personally don't blame him. They've known he was the guy since the end of second year and they waited, so that's the Jones boys fault they didn't try him early. I'm not sure why they thought the price would go down after everyone else got their deal, and since he's now the only QB from his draft class still starting for the team that drafted him, there is a possibility he's something special. So with that squared away, and pocket full of cap room, (and a full off season because Texas is ugh) I'm hoping the 'boys finally can put all the pieces together, because I'm tired of the jokes.

We're the Dallas Cowboys damnit!    

It's on you Hoss

Barkeep. The good Bourbon. The Pappy. Because when you win, you celebrate.