Sunday, February 28, 2021

Black Art - A Mood

Ramblings Post #389
I like art, in all it's forms. From the small pieces, the large pieces, the graffiti, the abstract, the classical, the experimental. Music, sculpture, paint, writing, landscaping, culinary (yes, they're art!) and all the rest. My life is my mind, my imagination, and art is the key to the forces that shape it, that help me to interpret the world around me. Everything in my life is shaped by, oddly, everything else in life. And one day I hope to affect the world around me.

By Dwayne Jones

Digital Artist. Yes, because it's the finished project, not what he started with. I like this for the colors. It brightens up a face so often clouded by the world around it, but still allows enough of it through for the resolute attitude to display.  


I like her eye. The work has a soft feature, that feels more like a vibrant cartoon, which allows the viewer to assume certain things. I think of this character as smart, funny, and health conscious. She feels like a vegetarian, not a vegan, who works out at home because she took a spin class and didn't feel like paying $65 to sit in a room and pretend to ride a bike...and get yelled at. In simpler terms, the artist while not getting into details, has created a story from an image. 

By Arinze Stanley - Machine Man #6

And now this guy. This is NOT an photo. This is a drawing, Charcoal and graphite on paper. This guy's talent is absolutely amazing. The level of detail. The way he is able to capture the tiniest nuance. I hope he charges a grip. When I first found him he was just getting hot, and now he's doing actual shows. And I hope to be able to give him full price for his ability one day. 

I want to spend a day with art. 

Barkeep. A tall water. Seriously. I really haven't hydrated today, and I know I should everyday, and so drinking at this point would be just bad. Why don't you think I'm serious? I forgot.

Saturday, February 27, 2021

Black Art - A Scene

Ramblings Post #388
This pandemic has brought out the worst and best of us. But as I've said, I am an artist. I find stories and tales in the small moments and build them into epics that cause mental thunderstorms of creativity. And I've looked upon the great works and sniff in derision that 'I could do that'. (By the way, I'm wrong, I probably couldn't do that, but who are YOU to tell ME.) And I am weirdly searching for perfection in a world where I know that the real beauty is in the errors. But I will continue. I will produce. I will create. I will be who I dreamed. If there is nothing interesting on TV. 

Visual by Desiree Mattsson

I like this visual. It's staged by Desiree Mattsson for Vogue Arabia, which I guess is a thing. I'm not sure how magazines that focus on style work in countries or regions where the people I imagine are their focus are suppressed, but if it works for them, well hey. The look is cool in tone, with the highlights of jewelry that catch my eye. It is very nice work.  

by Naledi Tshegofatso Modupi

And there is this piece. Striking hard edges mixed with curves and shapes. It feels like I'm missing something but can still feel it. She describes her work as reductive or semi-abstract, a sort of getting down the essence of the person.

"85 To Africa" (2019)by Dr. Fahamu Pecou

This, right here. This I do want. Perhaps it is the duality of the image, the visuals of both things that are typically African and stereotypically from Atlanta that get me. Or maybe that I've lived in Atlanta for a long time and this just feels familiar. Like I might see (or since we're in a pandemic - have seen) it in a popup shop in Little Five Points. Either way, he's got immense talent and I may have to get one of his. 

"Now, back to writing my own piece of art," he lied. 

Barkeep, do you have any chocolate milk? I know it's a bar but I'm just vibing on some ice cold chocolate milk right now. And I already drank the last of it? Right...

Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Black Art - A Vibe

Ramblings Post #387
This pandemic has brought out the best and worst of us. I've tackled projects I hadn't thought I would have time for, and woefully procrastinated on others as though I was doing something else. At heart, I'm an artist. I have two or three tools designed to make music, and the small pieces I've produced people have liked but are finally shelved. I'm still writing, short pieces when an idea moves me and slowly but surely through this second draft I'm working on. And years and years ago I used to draw. I one day hope to paint. I will one day have a art show, a concert, a re-enactment of a scene I wrote. I will, it's on my bucket list. 

By Elie.A.Arts

I like this piece. Simple but elegant. The crown upon her head, the eyes wide open and full of curiosity. This is one of his more stylized pieces, his work generally runs a less particular. Unless his model really had such inviting eyes. 

By Curtis Newkirk Jr.

The focus has a regal look, even as he is adorned simply. I like the feeling of it, the fruit giving the portrait a light feel, but does not detract from the intensity of the subjects gaze. 

Heritage III - By Jeff Manning

We should all have something by Jeff Manning on our wall. His pieces are just a wonderful mix of style and color. The models take on new aspects under his hand. If I can work out this year right I may give out his stuff for the holidays.

I'm putting visiting another art show on my list of things to do once the pandemic is over. But man that's getting to be a long list. 

Barkeep, and by that I mean me, make me a bourbon and coke. Wild Turkey if you got it, and I know you do.