Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A Weekend Out - Fifth Stage

Mental Rehab Post #15
Sometimes just the act of writing something down fixes it in my mind, or makes me realize the absurdity of it, or just makes it better. Then I started law school. I'm now a little afraid of what the process will do to my mildly absurd but interesting and creative mind. Personally and professionally. I'm well aware of lawyers continuing on with the degree and never practicing, but I get the impression I'm gonna have to sign on somewhere to seal this deal at the end. And I ain't too sure.

Yeah, it's Wednesday, but I'm busy.

Friday night was supposed to be a home night. Getting my stuff ready, warming up the new laptop (which is ultra primo cool by the way) and getting my mind right for graduate level education. Then Serve (the girl with no nickname from Old School Saturday.) called about that house party. Which house party? The "Flashing Lights" house party. Oh that house party.

So she scooped me up like 10 minutes later and we rode over. I really wasn't in the mood to kick it, but she and I hadn't hung out in like forever. The party was, and you can quote me on this, phat as hell. The drinks was flowing, they had all three levels jumping, and the food was still abundant. I drank, I ate, I danced to the old school music, I hoped my boy didn't take his clothes off like the old days (long story) was nice.

Now I didn't know the host. I'm fairly certain I didn't. I might. He came over, gave me the pound and that half man hug and thanked me for coming, I told him it was a fabulous set. I've thrown a lot of parties, maybe I do know him. Maybe he was just being nice.

Point of fact there is always one uber fine girl at the party. Always one. At this party there were two, dressed like the girls in music videos. The kinda fine that makes you stop in conversation and get that mean mug look on your face like "Damn!" Okay there were three if you count the bartender, who maybe really did know me. I think. A lot of parties, people.

The other really cool feature of this party is that I didn't know every other person. There was a whole new set of folks to meet. Which if you hung out as much as I do...did... is a true rarity. The phrase "the same old crowd, the same old faces" is not a joke in my circle. I've shown up places and knew half the crowd from just being out. Seriously.

Saturday was busy day. I woke up late. Decided not to get my desk until I figured out exactly how much it will cost to fix my window (damn kids. I hope). Went and finally got the books. Yay! Went to brunch with Schmoopy who is having her own issues with family. We talked about a lot of things, somehow getting around to her sex life which was a) a little creepy at first, b) kinda sexy in the end and c) kinda funny all the way through.

I run some errands then get home and my yard man has finished cleaning out that last back corner and made a nasty discovery. No, not gonna say what. It just makes figuring out a fence that much more a priority.

Saturday night I flipped through the books. I half assed studied. No, let me correct that...I quarter assed studied. I found every reason NOT to open them damn books.

Sunday I eighth ass studied in the morning and then watched football and got some more yard work done. I did all my online registrations for all the new services I paid for with school and finally started on the homework which my professor said should take about a half hour.

So three hours later I realize that this might have taken him a half hour, but his is my first time through this puppy and since law school is pretty much a self taught exercise..didn't know that did you... I'm a horrible educator. I'm giving myself horrible reviews.

(By the time I write this it has come to my attention that I hate the new style educational tool of email, as the University gave me a email box I don't check yet and in which the professor has "changed the assignment" so I've been busting my hump for nothing. But that so late in the week I don't know if weekend recap would cover it)

Barkeep...two shots of time with a discipline back.

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