Monday, August 11, 2008

A Weekend Out - Fourth Stage

Mental Rehab Post #11
This probably should have been more aptly named the last weekend out, as least for a while as until I get this foolishness under control at law school, I'm on a really short leash. I thought I was getting some things under control, but I still got a lot of work to do inside. And school stress ain't helping. You'll see. But I'm gonna do my best to keep it moving and what happens is what happens.

It was shaping up to be a big night. I had a birthday get together down at this spot called the Pearl Bar and Bistro down by Greenbriar Mall, the pictures look good and so the crowd should be nice. Then a house party down near the Ted, and maybe even *gasp* working A/C when I get home.

I get home and my uncle, who owns his own heating and air company (I know, like why is this just now occurring you ask?) is hard at work. He'd been there the night before and said he was 70% done. So I figure he'd be done by 8pm and I'm out the door.

Oh the best laid plans.

So it's midnight, we're sitting in the kitchen - him, his assistant and I - monitoring his work while he has a few cold ones. Five hours. I can't complain, I have actual working AC now...but this was the last weekend before law school. Actually the one of the two last good nights, because I have homework - law school means you start day one, none of that we're going over the syllabus and aren't all glad to be here crap. But it was twelve thirty when my uncle pulled out out of the drive. I could have driven over to the house party all late, but I'm trying not to do that anymore.

So Friday was a bust. And since I've got the BLSA thing on Saturday, no late night hang out.

Saturday...The BLSA thing. The Black Law Student's Association has it's 1st year academic "retreat", which is really us getting together for a quick meeting. Most of the group is from my Prep class, so it's nice to see a few familiar faces. Some of it's a rehash of the Prep class, some of it's new so it's worth getting up and getting out.

Then out the blue Sporty texts me to let me know Bernie Mac passed. The world just got a little bit less funny.

I bail out of the "retreat" early because I have some errands to finish as next week starts the time consuming crunch that is education. Actually the consuming crunch starts on Sunday because I still have to write out my brief and do the reading. So I knock out a thing or two, and my RP calls up to remind about Saturday's cookout. Cookouts.

I roll out to Douglasville and am supposed to run up to Dallas, GA but never make it. The set out in Douglasville is so nice I don't want to leave. It's maybe 40 people, the music is straight old school, the food is straight and by my count there are more women than men. Nice.

I HAVE to note this. This one woman. Cute face, but she had the kind of body that, when she walks out of the room every guy looks at another guy with that "did you just see that?" look on his face, as though if he can't confirm what he just saw with another guy he'll swear he was dreaming. She got up to get water and the room got quiet. Yes, we're all dogs, even the hurt ones. Pure breeds too. She gave me a couple of glances too.

But I have this peculiar thing my mind is doing now. I imagine Sporty everywhere. If I see a woman with a nice outfit on, I see Sporty in it. Don't know what's going on. Nice dress? Seeing Sporty. Cute blouse? Seeing Sporty. That supremely fine chick? Saw Sporty. chick? Seeing Sporty looking happily with child. That's kinda creepy isn't it? Putting it mildly. I figure as long as that's happening I probably should limit my interaction with new women.

So after we'd all eaten, had a few drinks, talked noise about the Falcons and the card games have started, I call it a night. I hope my co-workers at the second party ain't too mad at me for missing yet another gathering.

Sunday was a bust. Apparently the idea of actually having the text books available for the students is both an old school concept and an undergraduate idea. All the university book stores are closed (with school just around the corner?) and Barnes and Noble, Borders and the rest don't carry it in stock. It has to be ordered...say around seven days for shipping. Amazon is out of stock completely.

So I figure I'm starting the first day in the hole. I rode down and visit my uncle and end up watching half of Hunt for Red October, which by the way is an excellent movie, while he talks and my aunt keeps offering food. Didn't get a chance to go even price desks, so I'm not going cheap this time I'm getting what I want. The glass one from Office Depot. Fuck it.

Then I hear on the radio Issac Hayes has died while working out. I'm now asking all black male entertainers over 45 to go to the doctor today. Hell, women too.

So I read up on all the stuff they sent me and I start seeing a pattern. The I re-read again. I suddenly feel better because all the pre-stuff isn't for the night time part time students. I'm not in the hole, yet. At least not the stuff for day one. Still gotta get my books, then I'll feel better.


I got the laptop, the printouts and everything so it looks like I'm ready. Well, almost ready. I got what I can and we'll see about the rest.

Maybe. I forgot to set the alarm last night. Already running behind.

And on a separate note, I have A/C. And it's too cold. I don't like it.

Barkeep...A Red Bull with whatever that root is that makes your mind work better.

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