Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ah, Law School

Mental Rehab Post #16
In clearing out who I am and what I is gonna be, sometimes it's best you concentrate on other things. Sometimes their this post... other times it's stuff that affects lives and property and makes you wonder just how long you got. I mean really, sometimes you sweat the small stuff. Other times you let go. But you always got to think about it.

The first problem with law school is gonna be that everybody is gonna need a nickname.

The new schedule is kicking my ass. Point blank.

I'm supposed to rise at 6am, to get it rolling and out the door by 7am to be in by 8 which means I can breeze out at 5pm and get to class on time. After class I'm "supposed" to hit the library to debrief, then hit the gym and do my miles and some weights then head to the house and (special note) make sure I'm packed to leave BEFORE i turn in around 11 or 11:30.

Three days a week, I'm a warrior.

Did you know getting up at 6am is a lost art?

When I used to do the park I was up at 6am like a shot, out of bed and in the car by 6:15-6:20 to be there on time and rolling. The other morning I saw 5:59am...and promptly went back to sleep. Was it this hard when I started walking? Last night I went to sleep at ...let's see, roughly 9:30pm? Slept on the couch with the XM Jazz station playing in the background till 2am, then got up and went to bed.


I mean really. What is going on here? I moved the alarm clock (I had figured how to hit snooze in my sleep if it's too close) and supposedly when I get vertical I can get moving. Supposedly. Hasn't worked yet.

Maybe a month from now I'll be happy to report I'm getting up at 5:30am and going to the gym first.

That kids, was a joke.

Barkeep. I need a mango-blueberry smoothie with a shot of B12.

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