Thursday, August 28, 2008

Watching Obama

This is a Political Post
Here we are on the verge of the possiblity of change. Whether or not it will happen is still be seen, but in an age where fractional concepts are rife within both parties, what was will no longer be. In any case, on some level. We live in interesting times. It's about to get bumpy. Bumpier.

I watched "the speech" tonight. I'm going to call it that because that's how we looked upon it going in with hope, or if you're a Republican...disdain. Either way it was significant.

You know, In the right light, he even looks presidential.

He had a lot riding on this. If he delivered will only be decided in the future. Now the pundits and talking heads will soon gather and start telling you what you saw and why this was important or that was a stumble, but then this isn't football and most of us don't need that pale imitation of a John Madden in a bad suit quoting talking points explaining to us where the seam is in the allegorical political defense. But the economy is kinda bad and every job counts, so tune in and feel free to go walk the dog or get the laundry started or something.

Now in my opinion (heck, I may as well be the first pundit, it doesn't look that hard...) the man on stage at Invesco field in front of the diorama that did NOT resemble (to me) a Greek temple or the Lincoln memorial, came out like the Chicago politician you knew was hiding under all that smooth. He was still the poise and cool, but he came out swinging using a great deal of that informal masters degree you get from an Illinois political education.

He hit the notes he needed to hit.
- He defined what he means by change.
- He invoked personal responsibility, typically the tool of his opponents.
- He defined what his policies will be if elected.
- He gave arguments against the personal attacks - celebrity and experience.
- He went after his opponent. Straight up Chicago style.

At the end he turned into a preacher- an old country baptist preacher. The cadence in his voice rising as though it were testifying, then his final tones, like so many on the pulpit from my days of youth, his voice falling to almost conversational tones, so you had to pay attention. It's an old trick, but it worked.

Then like a new age Cosby family, his wife and kids joined him on stage completing the picture. For a hot second I wondered where Theo was.

We listened. We've heard him, without the filter of news reporter or pundit. Now, how you feel is how you feel. We wait for the other guy and see what he's got to say, and go from there.

And that's what America is all about. Win. Lose. Or Draw.

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