Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weekend Update - with me!

Mental Rehab Post #20
Nothing like good honest hard working to get your mind off those things that keep lingering on "done issues." Didn't work all really since she texted me to check on me, but I like to think ... I like to hope anyway... that I'm putting this in the proper perspective. They say time heals all wounds, but then I guess I've always emotionally been a bleeder. But I keep moving. Not always fast, not always pretty and yet the band played on.

Friday was spent in. Yes it was a three day weekend but taking into consideration my "educational responsibilities" I decided to get to work in earnest, maturity being what it is. Due shortly was my first legal memo, a daunting task that my professor joked by the end of the semester, "we'll be able to cut a swath through in a few hours." One can only hope that time comes soon.

I spent most of Friday evening with the jazz channel playing in the background, outlining and reading then re-reading the a) case, b) cases to reference c) the sample case to work from on the handout d) the 70 or so pages from the book that were supposed to give us some mental footing and e)my notes from class. I fell asleep on the couch at 3am with only the outline and marginal understanding of what I'm going to do. My plan is be done with the whole thing by Sunday morning.

Oh the excitement!

Saturday morning...what was left of it, I wrote out a rough. Well, technically it was the rough's rough. The beginning of the part where you begin to get your ideas together. I'm not sure it qualified as a rough draft. Well then to clear my head, I did some laundry and ate something then got back at it. And sketched out a few arguments and started getting the general gist of it.

A scant five hours later I'd finally finished. The rough. Okay, there was a nap in there somewhere and I cleaned up the house a little, but I was feeling like I'd accomplished something. So when my RP called about the Urban Soul pool party I played hooky for a hot minute. And yes, I put the laptop in the trunk.

The party was sparse, but good. People actually got in the pool! At most parties I go to the pool is really more of a decorative item or theme piece than an activity. But I hung for a couple of hours and then took it to the house. Feeling good about the world I found then I made a horrible mistake. No, I hadn't erased anything or done the wrong assignment, but I converted my work so far into the proper format for submission to see how far along I was. The paper had to be three pages. Because I'd used a smaller font and spacing, I somehow typed up nearly four pages. Neat. Great. Whatever. I said fuck it and went to bed.

So Sunday was editing day. Plus my professor had told us this neat co-inky dink where on some printers the document printed out correctly, and others it the lines per page didn't sync between screen and paper. So we might have to jerry-rig something in a bad printing situation. So I edited this, and removed that and looked how to do this again, when around 3pm my RP calls. He's been an attorney for over a decade. His advice? Stop working on it. According to him, no matter what I turn in they're going to turn it to mincemeat. It's part of the process. Tear you down to build you back up in their image. Yada yada yada.

He couldn't have told me this Saturday?

Monday was a holiday. Oooh yeah. First time in a while that I've had a day devoted to nothing. I re-read my assignment again and got my stuff together, looked over my other homework, did more laundry , and then I um...went shopping for Sporty's birthday.

Yeah. So what?

Nothing extravagant. Not the custom action figure of her I was thinking about having made. Not a bevy of the graphic tees she loves from the web. Not the over the top home flower delivery (she loves tulips). Not the one of the many "other items" I was considering ...as far back as May. Last year.

And it's called taking an interest, thank you! My emotions are merely... misdirected... at the moment.

In any case I did that down in Little Five Points, the ATL's little bohemian corner, among the nick-nak shops and record stores then called it a day. And fell asleep again on the couch at 9pm. Thank god I hadn't put the steak in the oven.

On the plus side I did wake up and actually get out of bed at 6am! One day down...four years to go!

Barkeep, Wheat juice with a carrot chaser! and a shot of B12!

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