Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tick tick tick

Relapse Post #2
It's Sporty's Birthday today. I hope she's having a great time. I just realized one of the reasons I'm not actively pursuing the one or two opportunities I may have's that I don't want to be that guy that talks about the last woman to the next woman. It's sad, it's creepy... and I don't want to be that guy. Whoever it is deserves my complete attention.

What follows is what I sent her today, in addition to the actual physical gift she got earlier this week. She used to joke that all my gifts came with words, and they did. Only this time the right words weren't ready when the box was.

It's a derivative of something I read and it just fit her, but it's the first time what I have to give in words isn't mine. The words come a little harder now.

For your birthday I wish for you these things...

a place of comfort when things appear difficult
endless hugs when she feels low
friendships that make life even better
and beauty for her to know

laughter to echo though her soul
countless smiles to brighten her day
faith for when she feels empty
and joy for when she finds time to play

confidence for when she doubts herself
and courage so she can achieve
the patience to wait until the world is ready
and love because that's how it should be.

Happy Birthday Sunshine...


Anonymous said...

To quit being "that guy" you have to walk away- REALLY walk away. No more presents, no more words, no more anything. A clean break. Something that from your posts you have not been able to achieve. No matter how much she wants to move on you keep hanging on to her like a lifeline except that you don't she she is an anchor and you are drowning, man.

M. said...

It's moments like this I think Sporty has found this blog and is making a suggestion. First, thank you. What you have suggested is the best possible plan of action. Logical, rational, intelligent. That being said..I'm not going to be doing that. It will fade...eventually. It's like getting in the pool..the smart way is to just dive in. I'm going to ease in by the will take a while, but it's my choice.