Friday, September 5, 2008

Watching McCain

This is a Political Post
I find it odd that both candidates are touting change as the big ticket item this year as the campaigns go forward. Stephen Colbert put it best when, and I paraphrase, "The Republicans believe that only the Republicans are in the right position to fix the mess the Republicans made." Maybe. I don't know. But it's gonna be an interesting ride finding out.

I listened to Obama, so in all fairness I sat and listened to McCain.

Well, let's just say that McCain doesn't have the same resonant tone as is his opponent.

I watched a few minutes of Cindy McCain as well, and I will say this, she does really care for her husband. True she looked plastic, almost Stepford-ish standing on stage, but then that's probably what's best for showing off love.

I didn't watch Palin the night before, but I understand she came off either very forthright or very mean spirited depending on your point of view. But I felt compelled to tune into what could be the future President (at least for while provided his heart doesn't give out) and give him my ear just like I gave it to the democratic nominee.

The crowd looked like the country club. I kept looking for minorities in the crowd shots (sorry, just my reaction). And they sounded like they were in still in Beijing cheering on Micheal Phelps. USA! USA! And just once I'd like to see McCain introduced without mention of his time as a POW. He's done quite a bit since then.

Oh kay.

John McCain isn't really a great speaker, but we're supposed to judge him on his words. He touted his maverick credentials and his long service. He brought up how those on his side of fallen to temptation. Which I found interesting.

Then he warmed up the mike and started singing what sounded like the hoary old Republican song...denigrating his opponent and acting for the most part like he didn't tune in last Thursday and at least get his facts straight. Obama will raise taxes. Obama will take away jobs. Obama thinks he's been anointed by God. Obama will (fill in the blank with the disaster of your choice).

He did mention he hated war, which seemed odd for a man willing to commit our troops for 100 years.

And he talked about change. Which seems for odd for man who has been inside Bush's back pocket for 8 years.

Then he talked about bipartisanship... which was good.
Then he talked about transparency.... which was good.
He mentioned service...always a good concept.
Then he talked about Vietnam.... for a while.

One cannot deny that John McCain has served his country. We can also agree that he's not the greatest speaker in the world. But he touted service, and change and and lots of service.

So now onto the debates.

Just floating this out there...why debates? Why not a discussion. Three chairs. McCain in one, Obama in the other and stranger off the street every five minutes with a new, unrehearsed question that both men chime in on, back and forth. Give'em two hours, televised with breaks every thirty minutes. What do you say?

Maybe someone from a network reads this blog....and maybe I'm just dreaming


Julie said...

I really am so in love with you. In "real" life, I'm fairly certain you would be my new best friend because every time you post I get a good laugh, something to think about, or you make me want to cry- all the hallmarks of someone you want to hang with. The limitations of the internet! *sighs* I ready to be a stalker! *laughs*

lot 2 learn said...

You know, that's not a bad idea. A simple discussion between the two and a moderator. No distractions from the crowd or teleprompters to read off of.