Saturday, August 9, 2008

How to Insult a Guy

Vent Post #3
I've been venting a lot lately. Yes, for me, three times is a lot. I've been called the "whatever man" and "the sane" one for so long I'm not sure if I have these other feelings. So yeah, I'm still just talking to myself until I'm tired of listening to me. It's not gonna fix anything and probably won't make me feel better. And I repeat, there are NO answers here...and in this case I don't think I'm even trying to find some. You won't either. Don't try.

You want to know how to insult a guy? Tell him that he's a great guy.


I get told I'm a great guy lots of times a day. I get told I'm a great guy for somebody else.

See? See what I did there?

It's a backhanded compliment with a sneer. I know to the person speaking it you might even mean well, but to the person receiving this it's the same as punch to the gut. No, it's actually worse, because you can be angry at a punch to the gut and maybe punch back, and to this you just kinda feel withered inside. It ranks right up there with "I'm sorry" in the pantheon of most useless phrases in the English language.

I sound bitter you say? I should. But tone doesn't discount truth.

If I'm so great, then why don't they (the assaulting person) want to be with me? There is obviously something wrong. I'd prefer to hear what I can improve to be more desirable than to be given babble and baby kudos. I understand tact and sensitivity, but if we get to the point where we're even having that conversation...and implied knowledge of who I am... then honesty is more appreciated.

Actual help is always more important than mutually masturbatory encouragement. If there is an issue you as the woman is aware of, then improving or assisting with improvement would only be appreciated.

And you'd be surprised how many other guys feel the same way.

I'll serve myself from the home bar.

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Lina said...

I myself abhor backhanded compliments and I have to refrain myself from giving people the crooked eye when they do it. And while I love to get reasons as to why Im not suitable to date, they wont give them to me. That only leads me to come up with reasons (like I give the friend/vixen vibe, and its either or and never both) that involve the worst case scenario.