Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Man of the People?

This is a political post.
I don't do many of these, my views on politics are particularly slanted towards people who don't live by the mantra of free market and no taxes until something goes wrong, in which case they then scream and cry that the government needs to do something. I find it just a wee bit hypocritical. I only going to discuss politics when something catches my eye.

The latest concept of Republican's versus the Democrats has the GOP attempting to paint it's opponent in the general election, Mr. Obama, as elitist and out of touch with America.

This is after they realized they really couldn't play the race card.
This is after they realized talk of his lack of experience wasn't getting the desired effect.
This is after claiming he didn't sweat while working out must mean he's the anti-Christ.

I only semi made that last one up.

So how do you make a man who was raised by a single mother and his grandparents, worked as a community organizer, who's former job specialized in civil rights and neighborhood development and who still goes to his kids soccer games appear elitist?

Especially when compared to a man who's family was wealthy (his father and grandfather both admirals, not swabbies), who in his second marriage attached to a still wealthier family who gave him a cushy job and from there he moved directly to the Congress?

Don't ask me how, but they've done it before. Remember Dubya as someone you'd like to have a beer with? I mean really. Was that all it took? His family is the like an off-Brand Kennedy clan. I'm still wondering exactly how that happened. Twice.

Call me crazy, but how about a President who actually acts like a President? Someone who doesn't make up his mind before he has all the information, and isn't afraid to alter the plan if the circumstances change. Sometimes you need to make a change. Maybe someone who realizes that a lot of people aren't all for him and that they need to be respected as well. You know, act kinda like the rest of America and most of humanity when leading us?

So exactly how does a man who has pretty much lived outside the bounds of normal life - Military to cushy family job to politics - come across as a "regular" guy? Against a guy who actually went out and got a job - law professor based on his work in law school?

Here's a tip. Look at the shoes.

Here's Obama.

Well worn. Used. Practical.

And I understand McCain has been wearing black calfskin Salvatore Ferragamo ‘Pregiato’ Moccasins. Really really nice shoes.

Do I begrudge the guy for wearing nice shoes? He's an old guy, he needs good shoes. But then as most of us can't spend that much on shoes, even really good ones that will last years, who really fits more in the "above the crowd" slot?

Barkeep. Gimmie a little honesty with a dash of daring. No ice.

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