Sunday, May 4, 2008

Another Saturday Night

So last night after a nothing day my folk call up and say let's go to Old School Saturday. I hadn't been in like least a I was like cool. Only this chick is like let's not go till late. Well the doors open at 9 and she don't want to go till like 11:30. So I'm skeptical this even gonna happen.

I kill the evening, run up to Five Guys for a burger, futz around the computer, etc and so on. Shower and shave and I'm ready at 11:00. Then she gets lost on the way to my house. So now she's running late, and we got to pick one more person - Slim - who keeps calling talking about she's gonna fall asleep if we don't get there soon. Slim and I both have cars and why we waited is beyond me. We scoop and end up rolling up to the spot - The Westin Hotel - at like midnight or twelve thirty.

And I remember why I don't go Old School no more.

Old School started out of the remains of First Friday. When those idiots took a cash business to court over who got what and the judge asked to see the books... well let's just say that was the end of that. A few of the guys who were a part of that group got together and started this new gig, Old School Saturdays. All the music is at least 15 - 20 years old, no new stuff. When it started you could hold it in a restaurant...and not move a bunch a tables. Then they moved up to they get the ballroom at the local hotels. And pack them. Wall to wall. Seriously.

So when we got there it was again wall-to-wall and the line was wrapped around itself. At 12:30am. For a party that ends at 2am. And they're charging $20. And there are two guys in cream gators and bowler hats. And a chick at least 300lbs in short shorts. After that it gets less pretty.

I am not feeling this.

So we hang out for a minute then say fuck it and hit the hotel bar get a few to hang out for while, only... they just had last call ON A SATURDAY at 1am. But the waitress is all college girly like we're closed but you can go up to to the bar on 73 and get a drink, they're open till like 2 at least. So we say cool, and wander over but something looks fishy. Wasn't this hotel hit by a tornado like a few weeks ago? The bar on 73 - the Sundial - still doesn't have windows! I check and the front desk is like the Sundial is closed.

I am so not feeling this.

So we hang out so more, talk about folks as we sit in the lobby and call it an evening. We didn't stop for breakfast or go no place else or nothing. Oh, and dropped my wallet in ole girl's car so I'm stuck like chuck till she calls back.

Great weekend. Whoooo. Not feeling it at all. Hey, I like the guys who run it...and their motivation is to make a few bucks so more power to them, pack'em deep! But they just need to call me when they're next thing starts. I'll run through that.

Barkeep...hey! What do you mean last call was thirty minutes ago?

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