Thursday, July 1, 2010

Life Changes

Ramblings Post #110
My first post, oh so long ago was about changes. Okay, looking back, it was the third post actually. And a lot has changed since I started writing this. Okay, a lot has changed and lot hasn’t. Most of it was things I could control. But I have an odd tendency to place my bets on the things I don’t. Oh, imagine me with a gambling problem and some money.

During a quiet evening with Shade at Intermezzo, I made the statement to her, "Think about it, I'm funny, warm, kind, thoughtful, intelligent, I'm the perfect guy. You just don't want to see me naked."

She did not disagree.

And earlier I had a discussion with Spanky about the different versions of herself, the 2003 version vs. the 2010 version, and how they are different people in the same body. She later asked me what the difference was between 2003 me and 2010 me. She’s still waiting on that answer. My answer is a little more complicated than I’m willing to admit, because a while a lot has changed a few fundamental pieces have remained unreasonably static. And that needs to change.

So I'm starting on a new course, making some life changes. I have a problem with procrastination that I’m going to work on, and I have a horrible tendency to get off on tangents. And with any luck, and little perseverance, in about four or five months I'll be significantly "less bulky" that I am now. A new diet, a new gym commitment, a new attitude.

Okay, I've made that last promise before, a couple of times. Okay more than a couple of times. A few times. This time I'm serious. Well, more serious than any other time. So far.

We shall see.

I did decide to go to law school. But then I beginning to think I went for all the wrong reasons. But I think I’m gonna be staying for some completely different reasons.

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