Monday, July 19, 2010

Internet Rule #47854

This is an Administrative Post
As a brief explanation, every now and then I'll feel the need to explain myself. These will be administrative posts. There is a high probability however, you'll leave more confused than when you arrived. So, everybody clear on what probably isn't going to happen? Good, tea and crumpets all 'round then?

I've referred to this internet rule in the past, and I think it bears some explanation. It's a little known internet rule, unlike say the infamous Rule #34 - if it exists, there is porn of it - or Rule #1 - you don't talk about... well, you know that one, I mean the internet is a shifty bunch. Sometimes I think that this rule specially applies to blogs written by black guys. It requires the writer to comment on the major topic of the moment, whether he wants to or not, to stay relevant in the eyes of his adoring masses.

Thus I've written about things I really have minimal interest in, usually letting you know that I have minimal interest in them and usually why. (See posts regarding Halo and Lost)

Which unusually makes for a fairly decent post. Damn. The rule does work. Funny, I didn't see that coming.

You have now been warned.

Barkeep, a quick shot while everybody's looking at the slides.

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