Saturday, July 3, 2010

Summer Comment Drive

Ramblings Post #112
It takes actual thought to concentrate on the goings on of the world, and since I don't want to comment on the Kagan confirmation hearings (political) or the state of summer television, or really anything, else. And right now I'm not in the mood. So, I'm gonna semi - recycle something I did two years ago. And no, I still haven't donated to WABE.

Welcome to the middle of our Summer Comment Drive. The writer of this blog in conjunction with the fevered recesses of his mind and the occasional help of frustration and Booker’s(fine whiskey) work hard to bring you the reader a compelling and interesting read. We cover a broad range of topics from stuff that doesn't matter to stuff that doesn't matter even less, all with sly eye for wit and a dashing raucous style.

And it's not cheap.

I know you're thinking: what is he talking about? The internet is free. Or at least the part he's on. And if this fool thinks we're going to pay for this... Hey, hey, calm down. Not that. But here at the virtual bar we've got a virtual tab that has be calculated by the same virtual computers needed to mathematically figure why people play World of Warcraft for any reasonable amount of time, considering the challenges of this World. So...what is this old whiskey soaked, but reasonably good looking, old man sniffling on about?

My ego.

I said my EGO! E - G - O. Minds all in the gutter, but then that's why I like you.

Feel free to comment, leave a note, get a word in, drop a line, ask questions, correct me, make a speech, get your point across, put in your two cents in, be wrong, start an argument, make a false assumption, lie, conspire to make me a better human being, attempt a verbal coup, lay it all on the line, tell me off, but jeez, just say something... dammit.

So, you come and read the fine stylings and occasional rant, and decide to contribute a comment or at least a snide remark, what do you get?

For one comment you'll get NOT the green lifestyle tote bag, NOT the handcrafted coffee mug, NOT the key ring with the craftily designed extractor of caps which enclose liquids (i.e., bottle opener), NOT the nine piece dish set or the my double CD - the one of me singing Old Showtunes in Russian on disc 1, and me giving Charleston and French lessons on disc 2. No, you'll receive the Grand Prize, and since I don't actually have any of the afore mentioned stuff, what is really the only prize: A really good feeling for having said something.

And it will feel great. Well good anyway. Okay. It's not a bad feeling. Think of it as finger exercise.

The staff here at the Musings, and by staff I mean when I talk to myself in the kitchen, would like to thank you for checking in, and ask that you do your part to support this fine bit of foolishness we've thrown up and nobody has been smart enough to take down yet. Your comment and $1 wouldn't buy a cup of coffee, but a comment might just help out a guy writing because he likes it and who probably keep on writing in any case, keep on writing for reasons other than the reasons he's already got to keep doing what he's already doing but that said your comment would be greatly appreciated.

Operators are standing by....

Good help ain't cheap!

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