Sunday, July 25, 2010

Are you happy?

Ramblings Post #121
Sometimes life doesn't work out the way you figured. You get exactly what you asked for, only to find out it doesn't work quite the way you thought it did. That candy bar you wanted has Brazilian nuts. Your dream car doesn't have manual transmission option. That tall fine sister in the short skirt is an idiot. So you gotta make the call. Is that piece I'm giving up really that important?
And for the record, she wasn't all that fine.

Spanky hit me up.

Okay, I hadn't hollered at Spanky in a month. She's in "relationship mode" which for her usually involves an all consuming faithfulness to the object of her affection. She cooks, cleans, calls, cuddles and will hop on one leg and bark like a dog - a big dog - if you ask. Her level of commitment is complete. It's actually a beautiful thing to watch.

Provided the guy deserves it. Usually they don't, in my opinion, but then I'm not doing the choosing. Eventually she figures that out too, but it takes a while.

So, Spanky hit me up. Which means something is wrong. As I've related earlier, she can complete the rotation from strong career woman striding the earth with purpose to needy self conscious little girl and back again faster than you can run the hundred. And on more than one occasion I've been her cheerleader, life coach, cat wrangler, confidant, spiritual adviser, psychiatrist, and drinking buddy, so it's understandable. She called this time to tell me she almost broke it off last night with her current beau.

So I asked why. Touch my bass? She just noticed he has a artificial leg? She discovered he's a Young Republican?

Turns out he something to the effect of : I'm too old for a girlfriend, what I really need is a best friend. And I know you're not going anywhere, so just f-ing deal with it.

So I started telling her about my diet.

Like I was getting into the middle of that mess? Okay, I did ask her the only question I ever really ask anyone at at moment like this: are you happy with that? Not can you get by, or does that work for you, there are a lot of things you can work with that make you miserable. Are you happy? There are so many other aspects to life which can throw you, so a relationship should be your bastion, it needs to make you feel better, even if only in little increments. The Pros have to outweigh the Cons or you're just wasting time.

You can do bad by yourself.

But then she said she's not going anywhere. That's what she said. I checked her on it a few times. So it must be better. Or she's whipped.


We'll see.

Barkeep...let me get a Screaming Viking. Only lightly bruise the cucumber, please...

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