Saturday, July 24, 2010


Ramblings Post #120
We all have something. That something that is the "certain something" that without it we are less of a person. For me, other than say, a certain somebody, my certain something, my addiction if you will, is a thing of which I'm not ashamed. Okay, I am a little ashamed of it, but I won't bring it up if you won't.

I have a thing for pens.

I mention this because as I was doing some training and pulled a new pen out of my bag to make notes for the trainee. The pen looked the way it was supposed to, but wrote funny. I tried three times, then apologized to the trainee and pulled seven or eight pens out of my computer bag. Seven or eight IDENTICAL pens. It was to ensure I got the correct kind. The trainee claimed I had a tinge of OCD concerning pens. It is a distinct possibility.

My preferred pen is a Zebra F-301.

Nice, isn't it?

I have used this pen, pretty much exclusively, for the past 10 or 12 years. Okay, preferred is probably a bad term. I'm very serious about this pen.

When I started at the "chicken plucking plant" years ago, one day I needed a pen. I indicated to my co-workers and my boss that I needed my pen. They offered the standard fare - bic, el cheapo pen, inkpushers, etc, and instead I got up, took the elevator down the ground floor (it's a big chicken plant), got in my car, drove to Walmart and bought pens. Two packs of F-301s. Really. I try to keep one on me at all times.

It is a smooth writing, fine point instrument for writing.

I don't like the F-402, or the G-301, only this particular pen. And I'm not too fond of the red ones, which you get in the pack of four. I'm thinking somebody snuck that G-301 - the offending wrong pen - into the four pack I'd just bought, which means the four pack is now off my list. And since the two pack counts out at roughly $2.50 a pen, it's a fairly expensive addiction.

But considering the alternative addictions - drugs, alcohol, 19th century french party dresses - I think I'll stick with my pens.

They are kinda neat.

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