Monday, July 26, 2010

Frying Pan. Fire.

Out of the Blue Post
Did ever wish you could turn back the hands of time? Realize that sometimes the good deed ain't the best deed? Realize that maybe you really were better off being an ass? Think that every once and a while, you could just see the accident and keep driving? If you answered yes to just one of these questions...then I'm not alone. Read on.

Next time, I'll just not answer the phone.

Apparently neither Scoop nor Shade understand that people sleep at night. This morning at 1am or so, my phone starts buzzing and my mind immediately goes to the worst. Family? Sporty? Spam in my inbox?

But it's Scoop. And she's apparently taken the time to write me a little letter explaining her side of the current conflict with her former friend Shade. It's a rather long writing, at least on a BBerry it is, and at 1am, with the attached writings takes some scrolling. What it said I'm not sure, because I didnt' read it. I might, but at 1am with nobody dead or pregnant, I just didn't take the issue as as especially pressing.

You see, the only real issue now is extrication. Of me. From this disagreement.

I've talked to one about it, and now I'm gonna talk to the other one. With any luck, I will convince both of them I am wholly uninterested in the details, or even the consequences any longer. I mean, I hate to see people once so close now at odds, but in reality, if they never speak to one another again, it wouldn't be the end of my world. They're both good people at heart, who mean well towards one another, but I'm guessing the words are coming out wrong.

I hope.

I'm promising myself I'm not going to try to fix this. I'm promising myself that I'm not picking sides. I'm hoping that I can get out of this still able to talk to both of them.

Barkeep. Man, if I pull this off...

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