Monday, May 2, 2011

Late night on CNN...

This is a political post.

THE President of the United States of America....Motherf****

I've been prepping for my first exam for the past two days, reading the book, then going back and reading my notes, then going through the printouts of the power-points the prof used in class. Its a vicious circle, but since I'm currently in the middle of the the exam - don't worry, it's a take home and I've got 24 hours to finish - it seems to have paid off. I'm through two thirds of it, and I've still got more than 17 hours to go.

But last night, as I made a last swoop through the internet before turning it all off so I could get a good night's sleep, one of those many lil' messages caught my eye.

So I clicked over to CNN which had it on the front page. More than a little skeptical, and concerned that somebody was trying to punk my President, I immediately surfed over to Al-Jazzera. I mean, if they said he was dead, then damnit he was dead.

I was up another two hours watching the revolving pundits who knew absolutely nothing, but felt compelled to keep talking. I got on Google Maps and looked for the house, which I didn't find. I flipped over to Fox news to listen how they gonna make this bad for the President, but they never did. At least not while I was watching.

The whole thing was a little surreal.

This morning it all came back to normal when the first of those who just cannot find a reason to like the President took umbrage with his wording of the decision to go forward, as though in making the decision meant he was trying to claim all the glory for himself. It was a cheap shot, the only shot they had really. Because it's a situation where if it all had gone wrong, the President would have borne the brunt of the blame, but in triumph he was supposed to take none of the credit. It was his political career on the limb here, and even so, he like every President before him, he properly thanked the troops and those behind the scenes, whose names we may never know, who worked so hard to make this thing happened.

At the end he even asked God to bless America.

I mean, come'on.

Those who don't like the President never will. This thing that literally caused cheering in the streets did not sway them. He can do nothing to curry their favor and should probably stop trying. The problem is he's not just the President of those who elected him. He's also President of those who did not. And he knows that more than they do.

Now, I got an exam to finish.

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