Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bringing Back the Fire

Ramblings Post #191
Find something you like to do, figure out how to make money at it, and you'll never work a day in your life is how the saying goes. This assumes that the thing you really like to involves wood working, teaching or farming. You know, ... productive things. Not killing zombies, being an nearly unkillable secret agent or becoming the greatest space marine the world has ever seen. Not that I enjoy killing zombies as creatively as possible, but these things have to be done. Luckily, I also enjoy making people happy. Maybe I should have been a concierge. Or a mime.

Sunday I studied. Well kinda studied. I fully intended to study. I did some laundry, cleaned up what I'm going to turn into my home office (it will resemble a home office eventually - no really!) - bumbled around the kitchen, played some video games and occasionally looked at my tax law book picking my way through the problems and code sections. The class is uninspiring. During the break in Thursday's class, someone said something that I ended up using as my Facebook status - "I want to understand, but the professor won't let me." Not only is the subject matter mentally brutal, his teaching style isn't helping. A number of students have already dropped the class. But I will suffer through, which is why on Sunday I tried to decipher tax rules regarding what is and what isn't alimony for the purposes of taxation, and the theory and mathematics of recapture.

I did this so on Monday, I could go play chef.

Me? I like cooking out. I enjoy getting on the grill, watching the meat cook...seasoning, tenderizing, watching people eat it, the whole schmear. And because I have been on a self imposed social lock down because, well, I know how I can get, I haven't been doing it much lately. But it was a holiday, my RP had asked, I showed up ready to burn. And burn I did, for four or five hours. Burgers, hotdogs, kabobs, chicken, turkey burgers, ribs, brats, etc. I got into a grilling groove. And since it turned out to be less a party - and more this chick's family gathering it was good that I found something to do.

So for the holiday, I didn't hit five or six cookouts. I didn't end up at bistro on the deck trying to drink my way back to sober. I didn't end up at a jazz club at 2am, trying to figure where else I could go. I did not once see the inside of a Waffle House. I didn't end up hoping the work week would start so I could stop hanging out.

When it was all said and done, I didn't end up doing anything I would have done five years ago, except maybe grill. But that was okay.

Note: I just realized I haven't been to the movies since Sporty moved/going to Law School. And I really want to see the Hangover II. Hmmmmm...

Barkeep. I'm gonna need whatever they was drinking in that movie...I'm joking, joking. Let me just have a sprite. In a can.

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