Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bar Chatter

Bar Chatter #22
Sometimes it just ain't enough to make a post, but it's still needs to go's just bar chatter.

I'm having computer issues.

My Firefox ate something it didn't like, and now its acting all funny. Pages I visit regularly keep popping up the just the source code, my blog page won't load right so I can update, the sites I occasionally frequent to, er..."examine the wondrous beauty of the human condition", I can't reach.

On a side note, I qualified for the Master's on the new Tiger Woods, and I now fully understand why it is called the Masters.

The past few days I've been scouring the web for an answer to my issue. I've started in safe mode, unloaded and reloaded FF, switched to IE (which just looks at me funny) and then Opera (which has the same issue) and was about to reload Windows. I'm giving something else a whirl tonight first.

This post may not see the light of day until after everything else is working.

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