Saturday, May 14, 2011

Updates, Fill-ins, and French Fries...

Ramblings Post #188
Confidence is a good thing. Cocky is bad. I'm still a little cocky, as evidenced by my continuing inclusion of the occasional eye opener in an other wise well crafted legal brief. As a 1L sticking it in was a cross between a show of false bravado and a smile when you think you're holding all the aces. As a 2L I did it when I was either completely frustrated or exasperated (or just done). Now it seems like habit, and I need to stop it. Let me note now that my sometimes funny, sometimes snide remarks have never helped.

I guess that fix worked. So, onto the updates...


The semester is OVA!! Not "over", but the incorrect ethnic pronunciation that is normally proceeded by expletives I used. I took a week off to do my two finals, a 24 hour progressively harder situation and then a 72 hour that was either fairly easy or I really was paying attention in class. Weird. That is another semester down, and I'm looking at what could be four to go. With this semester, I'm at 60 hours total, and you need 90 to graduate. I'm taking 5 this summer, and staying in the part time program I can do a 9, a 10, and 6 and be done by the end of next summer.

It's amazing how fast this all has passed.

But no time to rest or slack off. One of the great missed messages is exactly how many people I know who took a year of law school. And one of my most gut wrenching discoveries was that people still flunk out in their 3rd year. So its not over. Not by a long shot.

And since summer school kicks off on May 16th, roughly 4 days after all finals are over, ain't no time to slack off.


Where to start?

I went to Serve's for a cookout on the Saturday before finals to stay for "a couple of hours". But that trick never works! This time for sure. So, after 4 or 5 hours I finally made myself leave. It was a chill little affair - a little spades playing, Trini food, more than a little noise talking. And its moments like that, that remind me why I stay home to make sure I get what I need to get.

After finals , went home for mother's day and saw the family, ate good, went to Church. It's odd watching people you've known your whole life grow old, but as my father likes to say, its better than the alternative. We discussed my folks retirement, and my father again brought up my going to law school full time. The difference in this case now down to a achingly long 3 months difference in graduation, while adding 9 months of personal expenses to any student loan. I told him I'd think about it.

To get to the country I spent several hours in the car with my brother, a man of many talents most of them wasted, much like myself. My brother's a talker, I'm a good listener, it's a good fit. He's got something new on the books that just might be worth something, but we'll see. You see, I think where my father gave us an understanding and appreciation of hard work, he may have unintentionally sapped the ambition out of us. We go in spurts.

Spanky is still seeing the butcher boy, that last temp, much to my personal distaste. But then its her life, so I'm just gonna shut up and keep it moving. And get the emotional mop ready.

Slim needed a shoulder cry on. Her job was apparently out to get her because she's making them look bad with a client - by actually getting the job done when they indicated it couldn't be done. She "womaned" up and its cool now, but she looked hemmed up for a minute.

Sporty and I still converse on the semi-daily if not daily, with emails and forwards. Someone on the internet once wrote that we shouldn't be mad our people fill our inboxes, because its them wanting to talk but having nothing to say. She can have nothing to say all day to me.

And my "junior drinking buddy" came back. It was odd, just out of the blue like that. She'd mysteriously booted me off her FB friends list last year with only the most cryptic of explanations. And surprisingly, it actually hurt. There are few people who if I woke up tomorrow and found out I'd been defriended would I really be concerned (#1. Sporty), and apparently she's one of them. Not that I've actually seen her after this re-friending... which is weird. Yet the friending is oddly comforting.


So I amble back into the job after being gone a week. I turn my stuff on and make the joke that "Hey, my password still works. I guess I still have a job." A few people chuckle. Fifteen minutes later my section person calls me into her office to let me know that on the previous Friday, the company decided it needed a few less "chicken pluckers". One of the senior people in my new department was let go. He'd been here...let's see, through at least five or six company names (over a decade). So my joke really wasn't.


It's always odd after a purge. People you know and like suddenly having to scramble. I've often thought that I'd be next, as my erstwhile assistant (and current backup) Hugo just happens to married to a director. So that would have been how that works. I realize where I am.

I guess that's why I told my dad I'd think about full time.

I'm going to spend the summer looking around for something in the legal field. In any case I'll need to start moving in that direction soon. Starting over. Man I'll miss these five weeks of vacation I mostly never get to take.


That finals week I had burgers, chicken fingers, fried fish, and other food I ain't had not business eating. And I don't feel good about it. My belt is still at the same loop, and my slim shirts still fit. But still, I'm going back to my basics...the wheat bread, the grilled chicken, the fruit, the salads...and I feel better already.

Damn these diet folks have got me trained.

Barkeep. Carrot Juice and Gin. I'm going back on this diet dealie. Um, no, this ain't on it, but it's a start. Kinda.

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