Sunday, February 1, 2009

The weekend of plenty...kinda.

Ramblings post #4
I begin to feel the icy fingers of responsibility brush at the edges of my being as the cold reality of mediocrity at this next level of education imprints itself on my mind. Well, not really. But I do need to step it up the next level...or two, because I'm better than the middle of the pack. And if had been paying attention, I'd be a B student right about now.

So it's Superbowl weekend and normally I'm trying to figure out where I'm heading party wise, who'll have the hottest little set and if this is the one time in three months I'll have a drink. It usually isn't, but I do tend to find the hottest parties. Last year with a Sprite in left hand - before I gave up carbonated beverages - and a girl on my lap, and another girl flashing her cleavage, I watched a hell of a game. This year...why did I go to law school again?

So Friday I come home and get a little something to eat and pull out the books. I got a whole weekend schedule. It doesn't make it through 10pm Friday night. Because by that time, I'm sleep. Not napping, SLEEP. I awake at 3am with a book on my chest and hoping haven't bent the frames on my glasses.

So Saturday I'm back at it, only kinda half assed. Laundry gets done, dishes get washed, clean this, dirty this back up, etc and so on. I realize I'm restless and need to get out and feel like I've done something to get my mind focused back into the books. And who should call but my RP. It's "Game Night" on the Saturday before the big game and I should swing through.

So I do actually study my Property for a while, then roll out. Ready for a little flirting and hanging out.

But I get there and it's not your standard "Game Night." this is "Game Night: Senior Edition".

My RP is hosting a transient card party for a buddy of his, and the average age is about 5-10 years older than I am. I say average because a couple of chicks look young, and one woman looks like she and mom could be sisters. But it's a lively bunch. We got old seventies tunes playing, six card games going and the usual foolishness and screaming that goes with that. (By screaming I mean the occasionally "You're cheating" or "Sot!" or whatever else you scream when you make your books on the last turn of the cards.)

But these folks did something my normal crowd usually doesn't. Nobody walked in empty handed. Folks brought wings, chicken, spinach dip, pizzas, more chicken, fettuccine, drinks and more. And what was even crazier, they left before everything was finished. My RP marveled at the fact he had a cooler full of beer and full twelve packs left over. Chicken and cake, chips and salsa, my half dozen 2 liter sodas all had to be put away.

With a younger crowd people would have hung out until the last drink was drank. Even if it took all night.

My RP is now considering getting new friends. Well not really new friends, but changing the rules of friends of friends...of friends dropping by.

It's bold new world. And I've spent the day back on Property. If I get through with Contracts in the next hour or so reading wise, I might even catch some of the game.

Barkeep...a little sweet tea. And one lemon wedge.

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