Wednesday, February 11, 2009

You got an overflow of women where exactly?

Ramblings Post #9
I'm taking a moment resting my brain from my brief for a very important matter. One crucial to thousands, nay, perhaps hundreds of thousands of lives. I'm talking about the ratio of single men to single women in Atlanta. Now if that don't put the this recession bidness on hold, I don't know what will.

I've lived in Atlanta a while now, 10 years to now that I think about it. Had some good times and some bad, but recently I read that I'm apparently sitting on a gold mine and didn't know it. Fellow blogger Da Vinci (and I'm guessing all around great girl) has expressed the belief that the ratio in fair Atlanta is 21 to 1, women to men. Okay her post was a while ago but I just saw it looking for Atlanta stuff.

And yet just a few weeks ago I went to a party where the ratio was 60/40 in favor of the women, i.e, more guys. So where are the other, let me get out my, if we assume 30 or so guys...which means we were short...let's see, carry the two, about 610 girls. Which would have made the house my man held it in very crowded. Okay, very fun but very crowded. Would have needed more cheese dip.

I find that statistic almost laughable. Okay, it is laughable. Or maybe I'm just going to the wrong places. Some very very wrong places. Seriously girl, I need a list! Email me! For every party or club I've been to stocked with women starving for attention because of a dearth of men, I can think of one or two parties where you walked in and had to take a quick look around to see if the theme of this function wasn't really "Men's Locker room".

Looking for fair ratios of men to women on a night out? Try:
Castleberry District on a Friday Night.
Midtown on a Thursday - Leopard Lounge.
Verve or Barley's's still hitting if you know where to go.
Dekalb County Nightspots
The whole south side.

There are apparently 11 guys and 231 women in this photo. Can you find them all?
Photo from Old School Saturday last month

Don't get me wrong. I think a lot of the women in Atlanta just don't go out. At all. They go out when they first get here, and because of the conventional wisdom of Atlanta doesn't gibe with how things are supposed to work - "why aren't all the guys in here checking me out?" - they get discouraged and leave the scene. Because most guys in Atlanta believe that same silly statistic and aren't going to put up with most of the "foolishness" because they figure another woman is right around the corner. And sometimes they're even right. Now I can't tell you how many women I've met that "used to go out," retired from the club scene at 25 or 26, but now confine themselves to the house, job, gym and one diversion. Or like I espoused in another post, they insist on long distance relationships which are more manageable.

People who leave here want to come back. The city is something special. The vibe is like nothing else, not Chicago or New York or Miami or anything else on the east coast. And Charlotte is a pale imitation.

That ratio is probably closer to 7 to 5 or something. Now it may really be 3 to 1...if you're looking for good men, I think just started carving men out of their equation too soon. I know a whole lot of single guys looking for good women. They're not male models or rich...but most of ya'll ain't either...but they have decent jobs and well, could stand a little gym time, but they're heck of fun.

So just come out and try to have a little fun. We won't bite....unless you're into that.

Barkeep, a round of water for the ladies...on me!

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