Saturday, February 21, 2009

Are you sure the Economy is going where?

Ramblings Post #12
Little did I realize that lurking beyond the edges of my own reality, another whole reality lay waiting to integrated into mine. And thus I bow my head and move unto the light of a new day. Or something like that. I just had the sudden urge to be poetic. Or something like that.

So this afternoon, after lazing away the morning not working on my paper, but thinking about it a whole whole lot (really), I went down to Little Five Points to pick up a few odds and ends.

For those not from Atlanta, Little Five Points is our really really small version of the really cool funky neighborhood where all the cool shops are - the ones where you can buy that really odd vase, that painting that looks Mel Gibson as an English lord, and all that other stuff that people ask "where did you get that?" They have the vintage clothing stores, the crystal stores, record shops, coffee houses, pubs, all that. You could kill a few hours here on a warm summer afternoon real real easy.

This hasty BBerry pic doesn't do it much justice.

I figured since the economy was not so hot, I could get in and out without too much hassle.


Are you sure we got a busted economy? Really really sure? Because there were crowds, full parking lots, kids strolling, couples holding hands, one really hot chick in a brown sweatsuit, stores full and folks buying stuff. They even had a line outside of the Vortex. A line. The Vortex sells hamburgers, folks, six and seven dollar hamburgers. I like the joint and all that, but it's really just a localized TGI Fridays. They had folks waiting to eat there!

Since I read the papers...okay the virtual papers...pretty much everyday it's rare a few hours pass where I don't read that our economy is now worth two aisles at Kmart or how we all need to start figuring out how to eat shoe leather. This afternoon I saw a disconnect. I stopped on the way to grab some groceries and damned if the grocery stores weren't full up too! I realize folks got to eat, but I expected less folks at the steak counter.

Am I missing something? Did Obama save us already?

I think I need to read some more news so I can be wary again.

Barkeep. Hot tea with a cinnamon stick. Three drops of Ginseng.

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