Saturday, February 14, 2009

Notes on Valentine's day

Ramblings Post #10
It is that day of days, that mass media driven span of hours we must open our mouths and say something special. To someone special. Unless of course you're alone, in which case you're a complete waste of humanity...or something along that vein. Well I'm single, and speaking for the wastes of humanity, do you ya'll think or eharmony would be a better fit? Because NO, I don't enjoy being single.

As we all grow older and find ourselves in the awkward position of being sans relationship despite our "obvious" greatness, or if we're just cheap, I've heard again and again the disparagement of Valentine's day. Those of with somebody just be quiet for two minutes, geez, us single folk is pontificating. Valentines has been called a purely commercial holiday or one less worthy of our attention.

Well, I'm single, and looking, but Valentine's day is hardly commercial.

Think of it as an okay, or permission to be somebody you are not for one day. A kind of romantic version of Halloween, which we all seem to get excited about because we get to play other people if only for a few hours. It's a chance to do something you wouldn't normally do - and get away with it because it's Valentine's day. Any excuse in the storm.

As most men - and lately a lot of women - have problems voicing true feelings due to the fact that most of us are untrustworthy, selfish, hedonistic....,okay, I'm losing my point here. What I'm saying is we all have these grand dreams of how life and love should go, usually from when we're sixteen years old, and Valentine's is the day we can create those realities (temporarily) with someone "we currently think is special." Just like dressing up at Halloween. True the candy is much better in the fall. Now Valentine's need not be expensive, or elaborate. It maybe as simple as six hours of watching the movies they like, eating popcorn and talking with that certain someone. And by talking, I mean actual conversation, that is not a euphemism. Love has no cost. The accessories can rack up a bill though.

So for a couple of hours be that smooth guy, or that vixen, or that caring cooking just apron wearing beauty, or whoever. And let that "someone special as of today" know that in your heart, you might actually have some kind of feeling for them. Provided they feel the same way. Otherwise, you just playing. Ha ha.

Because most of us aren't gonna do it again anytime soon.

So go forth, be fruitful and ...well you know the rest.

Barkeep...a tall glass of intimacy. It's the new fruit juice from Costa Rica. Big Orangey looking bottle...

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