Sunday, December 31, 2006

Atlanta - PreNYE

Well, as the new year approaches I find myself in the middle of a three day parley - Friday, Saturday - Sunday. It would have been a four day swing, but I opted not to go to Leopard Lounge (Midtown) on Thursday night so I could rest up.

And I should have gone. A young lady I met Saturday told me she as at the Leopard on Thursday with a skirt on so short she had to take care to walk, bending wasn't even an option. It's funny, Atlanta Magazine wrote up the Thursday night and now the odd white couple will wander in and look confused. When I took Bait that time, even on a slow night his fresh from North Carolina ass was impressed as hell.

But I digress. Friday was at the Verve Lounge (Downtown-ish) for it's Casino themed Pre-NYE party. The room was so excited you might have imagined it was real money they were playing for. I left there and slipped out to a private function at Carbo's Cafe (Buckhead). A slightly older crowd, but free food and live music...and for the third year in a row Vernon Jones shook my hand and wished me a happy new year. These occasions are the only time I ever meet the man. I was supposed to head over to the new Esso (Decatur) after that but begged off.

Saturday was nice and simple, hung out with Sporty (all the women in my life now have nicknames starting with S - no reason) early and rolled into the Annual Pre-NYE Cocktail party I host every year. Very nice crowd this year, although when the guys with dreads smelling like weed and looking like sterotypical rappers started wandering in, I knew we'd gone long. Usually we "run out of cups" or "run out of alcohol" around one or so, and that way we can clean up and be done by three. This year we didn't close the bar until two thirty.

Nice tips though.

And tonight, if my old business partner ever shows up we're supposed to hit PURE NYE or if I can swing it a private little set down on the southside. Mansion party. Sweet.

Barkeep - Patrone, but with a lemon. I'm driving.

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