Monday, December 18, 2006


When I walk
along the cold and wintry shores of my soul
beside the still waters of my passion
I can only wonder
from wence my pain has come

Sunny is my appearance
hiding the lonely heart
that's slowly dying
grasping at the straws of attention
hoping for a sign of affection

did I ever smile inside
it's been too long to remember
a blur of empty nights and hours
greets me at the entrance to my memories
I once dreamt of breathing to escape
maybe now that is too much

Dancing in the moonlight
dodging my own demons
who rise up to meet my flesh
with the horror that eats at my soul
how long can keep moving
when I'm aiming at myself

when did nice become
the knife that is now
cutting at the heart of me each morning
and who I am
am at the core
became less than the promised land
that now never is to be

Crafty is the mind
that fools itself that a next day
will trump the last in hope
sad is the heart
which holds onto each known lie
so dear.

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