Monday, December 18, 2006

Ranting and Raving

I believe in the common sense of the idea, I'm wasting my blog. I could be discussing a diatribe against the growing concern of Iran...which presents a formidable challenge for the next round of political leaders as the Radicals attempt to distract the West with terrorism as they make a final sprint to join the Nuclear Club... or I could discuss the housing bubble in this country... which combined with a unfocused and mercenary bent towards a TRUE, unfettered, captalistic society by the current administration has fueled a period of gratitous excess in which a down turn or hiccup of the inflationary markets will turn a number of folks who have turned there homes into piggybanks into paupers...or the current state of sport ...Go Cowboys...or education and parenting...where the kids are so emotionally ill prepared to deal with the possiblity of mediorcity a school is doing away with the honor roll after students commit SUICIDE because of the pressure that's gving them...

...maybe something worthwhile or timely...

Nah. You can get that anywhere.

I may chime in from time to time on more wordly and esoteric topics, but I've got a full time job and full time night life, trying to get three books and movie off the ground, and cram in computer gaming ...AND THIS BLOG...all in 24 hours. Blogs of that sort require actual freaking research, sources and facts. This is all pretty much speculation, conjecture and jokes.

And by the way, if you get poetry, it means I was stuck for something to say.


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Anonymous said...

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