Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Why the BCS is the greatest

The Bowl College Series (or the BCS) is the best designed and well constructed concept of it's kind. I state this because it is obvious the that most of the college football obsessed have no clue as to it's actual function. The BCS is not designed to pick a clear winner, but to further muddy the championship picture and create the off-season conversation and bickering that foster the rivialries that sell tons of officially licensed merchandise which fills the coffers of the NCAA, endquote.

It works to so well it's a wonder the NFL hasn't scrapped the Superbowl in favor this system that just invites long-term arguments.

As you may have figured out by now, I'm not really a big college football fan. At my alma mater the game wasn't really the draw. You didn't arrive until the 2nd quarter, you watched the band perform, spent the third quarter trying to find the location of the hottest party and were gone by the 4th. The university also had a paucity of home games, sometimes as few a four, in favor of "Classics" that allowed them to draw bigger audiences from alums reluctant to travel and change the revenue structure in their favor. So I guess I kinda missed out on my indoctrination.

But then if you watch college football, you have to know it's loaded on the top and squeezes out everybody else. A top team really only plays three or four quality games a year and so a team that finishes the season with more than one loss had a horrible season, as they lost in one of the few instances they actually had to play. Be real, the chances of Education is Our Focus University beating We turn out Pro Athletes by the Dozen Tech is slim at best, and it's only the marquee matchups between the afore mentioned Pro Athletes by the Dozen Tech and someplace like say Our Staduim is a Temple to Sport College that really matter. Which actually helps out in the Televison scheduling with the ad dollars, as they don't get spread out due to the paucity of these games.

It's not like the NFL where in a sixteen game schedule "on any given Sunday" one team can beat another. There are some who detract from the professional leagues because it means sometimes a team that went 8-8 is still in the hunt to be the champion, or that occasionally due to the conference setup a team that went 9-7 gets in when a team 10-6 finds itself enjoying an early winter, but the current system used by the pros is light years ahead of the BCS.

I know the BCS doesn't really work, as it is only used for the "top tier" of college football, whereas Division I-AA and Division II (terms the NCAA would prefer we not use) use the old fashioned playoff system. Why not use this at the top tier as well, getting eyeballs on the early bowls that would now actually mean something and giving even more importance to the latter, the middle ground colleges be damned. It's not like the "top tier" schools were educating most of these athletes anyway (look at the graduation rates) so what's a few more weeks until they can hang around campus flashing booster money?

I imagine this will be lost in the wind, another voice crying out in the darkness, but then I'm sitting down at the dark end of the bar, so my voice should have a little company.

Hey, barkeep...Marker's Mark with a dash of Sprite.

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