Tuesday, December 19, 2006

My Movie

I mentioned earlier a film I was working on so I'll clue you in, in case I ever finish the script (75-80% done), get funding and take some time off from the regular job to shoot it, you can say I used to read that brother's blog and know the whole story and I wonder if he'll loan me some money.

I won't.

I've been fascinated with film and filmwork since I was little. In school we once took this weird aptitude test that told us what skills we had and what we were best suited for. It turns I have the skill set for every other job in the world except the two I wanted, one of which was working in film. That may have been the magic moment, well that and my parents getting cable.

I directed my first short at Summer Camp, and have some some small acting on the stage as well. Nothing heavy, light stuff. But in front is a little gaudy, fun...but gaudy. And so in college I decided that what I really wanted to was direct. And finish one of the six or eight writing projects I started.

Enough backstory...onto the film.

It's a small film, I'm figuring in the neigborhood of $25,000 to shoot and that includes buying the cameras. In essence a quick four day shoot, the second half of the last being reshoots and the like. Basically a talking heads flick, it's designed to be shot in one room so I don't even need to worry about sets or locations. It's topical and written for a broad audience, as well.

Pretty slick, eh?

I'd tell you more, but that's how you get Armegeddon and Deep Impact in the same year. The big issue now is funding. I had a friend who was going to pony up the cash, but I lost contact, now I have a professional fundraiser who may do me a favor. I'm working on it.

So if I get the money, and I ever tell you more I rememeber to once it's in the can, look for me!

Hey, barkeep...Jack and branch water. No ice.

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