Saturday, December 16, 2006

I used to be on the edge.

Let's see, in the last ten days I was invited to BED for cocktails and magazine launch (didn't go & I don't remember the magazine either), to a mansion party for William McCray's new TV show, Obnoxious (didn't go, forgot), a "soft" promotion for a club re-opening (it was slow), a hot Christmas party ( that Ruffin fella throws a party ), a private Christmas party on Saturday, the usual slew of club dates - Thursday at Django, Old School Saturdays, Red Tie at Einsteins, Barley's billiards live music or Friday, M Bar on Wednesdays, Urban Soul Cafe ...and countless NYE parties.

There was a time I would have hit nearly every thing listed here...okay, I might have missed one of the NYE parties.

I wish I could pass along the words of wisdom, but my new junior running partner, aptly nicknamed "Bait" is getting me back out there. I'm getting older and chasing them around the club has never been my thing, I need to draw them in to the sparkling personality. He's new to the ATL and seems to be stunned at how much is going on and where the truly live stuff is...for free.

As a side note, I usually don't pay for anything. Most nights in Atlanta, somebody somewhere is giving away the farm for free to put the word out, and since I'm hooked into the word I usually know about it. It's a vicious circle - you kinda have to be out to be able to get invited, but since they're only inviting folks who come out, they're really only moving the circle around. I'm used to a) complementary valet b) no cover - guest list c) free drinks d) free food e) hot,loose women and d) a complimentary gift bag for coming through.

Don't you wish you knew.

I think I'm ATL nightlife spoiled. Every party is hot or I know where the next one is. Or I've seen these chicks before, let's roll out. I've gotten to the age where all the phone numbers I didn't call back, women I ignored or whose name I forgot is starting to catch up with me. Atlanta is big but not that big.

I'm starting to see that familar edge in the I really want to go back?

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