Tuesday, December 12, 2006


So why a blog? Why now? I'll tell you why...changes.

For the past two or so years, myself and a "friend" have been squiring some time together. We've done up the Atlanta restaurant scene with nearly 100 outings, dinners, concerts and the like. Girl B, as she'll be referred to herein, is twenty six (I like'em young), bright and athletic, fun and colorful. She is also moody and busy as hell.

And this week she gets busier.

In a effort to mitigate the expenses of her upcoming home purchase (which looking back I may have accidently encouraged) she is taking on a second job. A second full time job. At night. Till 2:30am. And that worries me.

She is, for all her athletic prowess, susceptible to apparently every illness that rolls down the pike.

So stressing her system is a bad thing. I'm going to use a weird word here, "we" just got over the flu and today she was sniffling so I'm already concerned. Because as she and I both know, she doesn't take instruction well and is a little bit hardheaded, I'm hoping she doesn't burn herself out trying to avoid...well, burning herself out. Because among her other tendencies is that she pretty single minded.


Now, although we've established that we are "just friends", we just don't seem like that. When we hung out it always just me and her, I always paid, the whole vibe of it was always a me and her thing.

Okay, I paid for a plane ticket...or two. And bought flowers. And gifts...birthday, valentine and christmas. But she seemed with it. So how much of "friends" we were is a vast gray area.

The next few months will be the first time in ...gee, years that we haven't hung out on the regular. As in weekly. And to quote Rex Harrison..."I've grown accustomed to her face".

So I guess that means I'm back on the hunt. I would be as perverse to "wait for her"...but since she's not looking it would be like standing in the cold wind hoping for a summer breeze. Hey, I'm romantic, not stupid.

She's still just about my everything.

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