Monday, January 1, 2007

Finish it!

My new motto for the year, my sole resolution for 2007 is to "Finish it"!

The phrase stems from my now ancient days of high school football, where the coach would bellow that line to the offense in practice when we'd run a play incorrectly. We'd have to "finish it" meaning run the same play again, only correctly this time with the added benefit of the defense knowing where the play was going.

As it applies now, to this point in my life the meaning is a bit more literal. There are a number of projects I've been procrastinating on - movie, books I've half written, job hunt, house hunt, all manner of madness. My goal this year is to "finish it", no matter what it is. Projects lying half done? Finish them. Relationships open ended? Talk to them and Finish it the way I want. House search that shoould have been done? Finish it! New job that should have been applied for? Finish it!

The mantra for the '007? This year, I'm going to Finish it.



Two things amazed me this year. How fast the NYE parties broke down once midnight hit (I saw folks breaking out at 12:15 - seriously), and the number of women who've suddenly shown up in my life.

Met a woman last week who seems really into me.
Met a woman at a party last night who I knew, but didn't realize she was that into me.
Had a woman tell me should would leave her husband if I said I would marry her.
And of course "Sporty", who claims we're not dating, but acts as if we are.

My question is why did god have to send them all at once?

Barkeep...just leave the bottle on that one.

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