Monday, January 22, 2007

Saturday night throwback

A few years ago, gas was about a 1.50 a gallon, my insurance was $800 a year, and had no car payment. And I kicked it five nights out of six. Justin's, Chaos, Havana Club, Velvet Room, Martini Bar, Kaya, 112, the list just goes on and on.

But on Saturdays we caravaned. We load up three or four cars and hit three or four house parties, sometimes more. We would show up and sometimes getting the party started. Other times when we left we'd have six cars trailing taking the party with us. Well Saturday I did something I had done in a while, we hit three on the parley.

This Saturday we started on the southside, in 1) Ellenwood GA, a suburb of the ATL. A little birthday set for a young lady we hang out with from time to time.

It was ugly. They had maybe eight girls there, though if you divyed them up into normal sized girls you might have gotten twenty five. So we dipped. E walked back out with the twelve pack he brought in.

Then we drove up to 2) Woodstock GA. Check a map, that's about forty five minutes to an hour away. Better function, more normal sized women folk, crowd looked a little less buffett and internet intensive. We hung around for a while, hollered a couple and tried to figure out why the guy in the suit jacket and sweatervest would normally hang out.

So we leave it's around one, and in the car my boy gets a call and it's back to 3) Stone Mountain. Check the map, that's another half hour. We get there it must be around two or so but the party is still working. And it's got the largest selection of good looking women all day. We finally get outta there around three thirty and back to the crib and it's nearly four.

Been long time. I wonder how the young folks do.

Barkeep - Some Pinch and branch water.

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