Saturday, January 20, 2007

The House

I just stole about $80,000. Okay maybe $40,000, or $10,000... but I damn sure stole something.

After looking off and on since last July, I found a spot. They accepted my bid on the house, which is four bedroom two full bath and slightly narrow but deep lot. I'm paying what they asked and they're picking up closing. It's not a bad deal, area in transistion, house needs some cosmetic, yadda yadda yadda.

But I did my homework.

For those from other locales, in Atlanta you can look up the tax records on line ...and they include a lot of other information that the realtors don't want you to see. Which is good because the real estate market in Atlanta is the wild wild west. The online records give stuff like the square footage - which they don't give in GA, and the lot dimensions - which aren't advertised, or construction info - you need this more than you know, or the FORMER APPRAISED VALUE... and just for kicks, how much the last person paid for it.

The house I just got, somebody paid 200K for last year, went into forclosure and I scooped it for just over half that.

Somebody somewhere is about to get fired over this one. I'm not sure if the previous deal was a flip, or appraiser was jacked up on something last time or what. But the former lender got dicked, and now I'm moving in.

All I know is for less than $2,000 out of pocket in clean up, I'll have a pretty nice piece of property.

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