Friday, January 19, 2007

Condi as president?

"Dr. Rice, who I think would be a really good candidate [for President], is not interested. Probably because she is single, her parents are no longer living, she's an only child. You need a very supportive family and supportive friends to have this job."

--the words purportedly of Laura Bush, the First Lady.

Well damn. The president's wife just said a single woman can't be president. Now I'm a man of the first water, and for a minute I honestly believed that the next presidental knockdown was going to be a catfight between the Republican throwaway candidate Condi Rice, and the Democratic Bully one Mrs. Hillary Clinton.

My warped logic: After the debacle that was the midterms and the continuing issue with Iraq, the Republicans ever the forward thinkers would see that this election was lost and offer up for posterity and to unshackle the miniority base of the Dems the first serious Black Female Candidate for the presidency. No, I am not Karl Rove's assistant floating one out there. Hillary on the other hand would ninja her way into the nomination, through that process known politicking (note spelling).

I don't follow politics like sports, but I do dabble enough to know a kick in the teeth when I see one. Laura may have some insight the rest of don't have, but then I think I can draw an ugly enough bead on it.

Condi is not married, and apparently isn't dating anyone though I do understand she once mistakenly referred to the president as "my husband." No, I'm not going to source that. So my question, as crudely as I can put it...where is she getting dick? I have no issue with a wholly active woman, but if she ain't sleeping with somebody, somewhere, then we got a problem.

Did I just say I wouldn't elect Condi cause she's "reserved"? Yes. Yes, I did.

With the media today you would think there would be a hint of who's tapping that. Oprah has Steadman (um..right...), Beyonce has Jay-Z, Halle Berry was seeing some italian dude last time I checked, and the 2nd most powerful woman in the free world is with who? Is there even a hint of somebody? Does one of her security detail look like a maybe? Something.

And if she could swear off sex for ...let's see it'll be eight, then four..twelve years, I'm not too comfortable with her as a person. Even if her sex drive is low, damn that's a long time. Or worse yet, nobody ever tapped it right so she doesn't get it. Woe be the country.

Would the country be better run by a sex fiend? Yes. *cough* billclinton *cough*

Think about it, did you ever notice how in a candidates commercial they always show his/her family? Wonder where those kids came from? That's right, the candidate is subliminally annoucing that if their getting their freak on, their doing it at home. That me and the signifigant other get it on just like you. (Okay, they're usually lying about the home part). And this presents a problem for Condi in the values section, as she is unable to demonstrate on a fundamental level her sharing of the core values.

I'm not even a professional and I can come up with a halfway decent plan that wouldn't look too dirty the make Condi unelectable in about four or five good hours.

Maybe I'm just ranting and raving for nothing, although I just can't see middle America voting for someone named Obama unless between now and the election something changes.

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