Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Bar Chatter

Bar Chatter #11
Sometimes it just ain't enough to make a post, but it's still needs to go out....it's just bar chatter.

hands need to be on handlebars!

I think I need school. I like the order and the purpose of it. I like it how it defines my day. I need a little order, a reason for doing what I'm doing beyond myself. This maybe what they mean when they say "I'm getting too old for shit." I'm starting to think I'm getting too old.

Left to my own devices, with no obligation past my bills...I'm a little surprised I've lived this long. I can get out there. Without a mental barrier, I have a tendency to go too far.

For Spring Break I studied. Every night I read something...the Rules, a supplemental book, online tutorial, and yet I still felt I had way too much free time. Too much time to do something I had no business doing.

Is there a situation where dependency is good?

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