Monday, March 22, 2010

Little did he know...

Ramblings Post #91
Sometimes it's at it's darkest, right before it goes completely black. Or so said some cartoon character, maybe Bugs Bunny, when trying to characterize something...and at the time it seemed so pithy, after all I might have just learned "sayings" like the year or two before. Metaphors must have come like a few years even after that. Lives turn on'd be surprised.

So Saturday I spend knee deep in studying. The midterm will be a hotly debated subject, in that after discussing something with my classmates after the test (something the school advises us not to do) I think I discovered a difference in the printings of the some of the texts we are allowed to use, that might make a difference in how one of the midterm's questions were answered. I gotta check a few things, but we'll see.

So Saturday. I got the laundry in the machine, I finished typing out the power point presentation for class, I've read through the supplement for one class, about to tackle the actual cases when my phone goes off. It's Sporty out of the blue.

We chit chat, as we are wont to do, then she asks what I'm doing for dinner. I had just cleaned out the fridge of food I was never gonna eat that morning,but I really hadn't thought about it when she suggests we go to eat. Which is odd. Because she's supposed to be in Texas. And I'm not a cartographer, but I'm figuring more like breakfast, but only if I leave in the next hour. I do ninety through Alabama and Mississippi.

But no, she's IN Atlanta.

So around nine or so we meet up at Central City Tavern over off Howell Mill. It's a throwback to the old 80's style frat boy bar. Booths, tables, food and beer. No theme other than "let's eat" and about 20 big screens so you can eat and not crane your neck or have to turn your head to watch the game. The menu is broad, salads and finger foods up to actual non-hamburger entrees, so I figured me the small golden one could grab a little eats and chat. I just realized if their wings are worth damn, they might have a new customer forever.

She comes in looking...well, like Sporty. Which is like gorgeous. Well, it's like a chick just over five feet tall with short hair and the cutest smile.

And it's amazing. It's almost like we just went out last week. We fall back into the same routine, trying to figure out what the other is going to order, a quick bracket update, the usual usual. There were no revelations, no earth shattering turns of events...just me and her chilling. I'll be honest, I was a little nervous waiting for her to arrive, I thought we both might be different people, but even if that's the case (and I'm fairly certain it is) we both apparently adapted kind of nicely.

After the games, the only ones of the tournament I've watched so far, we parted company the way we have the last few times I've seen her: like neither of us want to let the moment go.

Barkeep. I'll take a glass of that Booker's now.

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