Monday, March 29, 2010

Micheal Steele might be....The Mole!

This is a political post.

Secret agent Steele?

When I was in undergrad, on Friday's a few guys and I would go to the best Happy Hour in Tallahassee. When I say best, I mean the freaking best. This was a Happy Hour buffet with mashed potatoes and prime rib, spaghetti, baked chicken and even fresh tacos. With full sized plates and literally no crowd, you could eat heartily for the price of single drink once a week. Well, not really. What was the true price of this meal? Once a week I had to go to a Western themed redneck bar to get it. And each week I'd get ID'd, then order my one drink and chow down. It took a few trips, but I figured out that even there, they were a little afraid of asking the black people to leave without causing an bigger issue than the one they already had.

Which is where the Republican party is right now with Micheal Steele.

How do you fire the one prominent black Republican in America without looking like...well, without looking like what people think you are.

And damn if the brother isn't milking the party for everything under the sun. I mean he's going BIG. He's been talking about buying a private jet with RNC funds, he travels by limo and stays at the best hotels. On a midwinter trip to Hawaii, probably checking on Obama's birth certificate, Mr. Steele ran up charges of almost $44,000....not including the plane ride. We won't even discuss the few stacks "somebody" dropped at the bondage club in LA that the RNC approved of...while he just HAPPENED to be in town. The term he might want to learn, since he likes trying to infuse urban slang into his speeches is "big ballin' baby! ". And he's done it all while having the people who hired him as the Anti-Obama sit quietly and fume about his antics. Well, maybe not quietly, but fume nonetheless.

He looks like a baller, doesn't he?

It sounds insane I know, but maybe Micheal Steele is a mole, sent by M.A.D.E.U.P. (Mythical American Democratic E-something Usurping People's-Rights) to both embarrass the Republicans with his antics and bankrupt them with his profligate spending. I mean think about it, where is Micheal Steele's birth certificate? Has he ever eaten a bean pie? Where is his people from? That the RNC donors are bleeding cash due the economy and the party's coffers are starting to get a little low would make people consider cutting back just a bit, maybe. I know they're going get an uptick from people still made at Obamacare, but still, Steele is making it "rain" more than a little bit. So maybe he is mole.

But what do I know. His spending might be the Republican Stimulus plan. Maybe.

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