Saturday, May 2, 2009

All Quiet on the Education Front

Ramblings Post #26
This started as one of those moments, one of those instances that you could see coming but couldn't, it was in legal parlance, foreseeable. And then I ran with it, or so I thought. Honestly, I need a drink. And some trim. And not in that order.

Is this is #26 because although them last two ain't numbered, ramblings is what they were.

Part 1 - 5:45pm

This part is being written 15 minutes before the Contracts Exam. To get my mind off the test, before I have a freaking heart attack. This professor is Dr. Diabolical, and I'm kinda scared of what he's gonna come up with.

It's open book. Well, open outline. Hell, it's open everything but professional study guides. Which means he's got the honest right to pull out everything and a chicken sandwich, since we were supposed to have written down everything. I started my outline at spring break, then realized I was taking crappy notes, then again at the beginning of the month..and went at it today tong and hammer. And everybody answers the question "are you ready?" the same way, with a grunt and halfway smile of feigned courage.

The word part doesn't phase's the math. Yeah, math in law. Who knew? Damages calculations.

And a special side note on a completely different topic, my doctor shouldn't call with blood work results in less than 48 hours, because promptness made me think I'd caught the latent swine flu.

This kinda like reality TV, where I'm in the little interview thing talking about what you're seeing. This is so not cool.

Part 2 - 11:48pm

The test is over and the tension in my gut has me reliving high school football games from 20 years ago. Back then I had what you call a nervous stomach, in that I would get tense before a game. Afterward, as I relaxed after finding out I hadn't broken anything, or conversely at that time - broken anyone else either, I would have a, er, gastric reaction.

This is a "blast" from the past. Pun.

I've only eaten the once today, a midday breakfast kinda like the astronauts. I didn't stop on the way home and now I'm contemplating cooking. At midnight.

The test by the way was a repeat of the previous, in that I either actually did know the material, or over prepared, or am currently in a state where I believe I knew what I was doing and will be rudely awakened around grade time. My nemesis, the math problem was cool, then not cool when I saw what looked like a typing error, then real uncool when when my check sum didn't come out right. Then extra uncool when it starting eating up time for the problems I did know. (Yeah, it's all timed out)

Why after the test I was in the parking lot re-running the numbers on my calculator, still not getting it. I would feel a lot worse, except I showed all my work which should count for something, and when I got out of the room three or four other folks were expressing the same consternation I was. So I'm not alone. I think one even admitted he read the question wrong.

The rest of the test I was real cool with, since it was application of principles. Here's hoping I was able to express myself properly. Weirdly, I feel good about this one as well.

(that having been said, I hope I didn't just jinx myself)

Part 3 - 2:00am

Revisiting that phone call earlier. The one from the doc. Everything came out sweet except my Cholesterol, which the doctor says is too high. I could have told him that walking in.

That and since last fall I've gained 30 pounds. I understand it's grad school, but I've apparently doubled up on the freshman 15, and all while I could have sworn I was losing weight. Unless my pants have stretched out shape. This only reinforces the personal mandate to get thine ass to the gym. I had started on morning push ups and I'll have to get back to that, but I cannot live at this weight. I'm a little too vain.

As a single man looking for a woman, it seems a gut, no matter how lovable, is not really a selling point. Not that I have a gut...well, much of a gut. Okay I don't have a potbelly if that's what you want, but I could lose more than a few pounds. Let it be known, you want truth, look at yourself naked in a mirror. It doesn't get much more honest than that. And honestly, I took a look and I got a lot of work to do. I don't like what I see so how can really expect anyone else too? School has me slacking.

Oh, and Thomas is back on his fast. 60 days this time I believe. And yeah, not eating for 60 days will knock the weight off, but I ain't the one.

Also, at midnight, I made a steak sandwich and cut up fresh potatoes for homemade french fries. So tomorrow, er...later today, I'll check out what constitutes an low cholesterol diet.

Barkeep...isn't alcohol low in carbs? Um..cholesterol?

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