Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Just a little offbeat

Ramblings Post #31
The only thing constant is change. The only think you can be absolutely sure of is that you can absolutely sure of absolutely nothing. Life is funny like that, just when I think things are going good things change...the question is if you can make the change work for the better, or will you have to back up and start over. I've been getting by on wit, charm and good luck so far, I may have to step up soon. I think I've been putting it off too long.

Last weekend I spent out for the first time in a long time, and it felt, well, odd.

Friday was around the proverbial corner at Spanky's house, where she was celebrating the 15th of May. Spanky is spe-shul. In any case she had a nice little crowd and as I understand it, killer margaritas. I didn't have any. The lively conversation was provided by a guy she invited from Facebook. As I said, she's spe-shul. This cat dominated the conversation with tales of old Atlanta, dirty jokes and lewd innuendo, which the two ladies on the far end of the couch ate up. I was surprised to find out later that they were mother and daughter, which brought up a whole new set of lewd innuendo. It was great little drop-in. Even Serve dropped by late which surprised me because I thought Serve and Spanky were on the outs.

And the photos taken that night prove I need to get mine ass back in the gym. Stat. I looked bloated, ghastly even.

The next morning was Habitat for Humanity, which is why I did not partake of the margaritas at Spanky's. There is something about an honest day's work and labor, and I'm thinking about doing that more often.

Saturday night, Spanky scooped me up and we headed up to Buckhead for Old School Saturday. I hadn't been in ages. I know that guys that run it, I was there when it started, and watched it grow up. That said, I enjoy a smaller situation now, something with few enough folks to make an impression, but a few new bodies to keep it lively. I'm not sure what is about the crowd in the ATL, but if Spanky hadn't been with me, I would have turned around. When I saw the crowd that flowed from the entrance...through the lobby... down the stairs.... around two corners and that's where I stopped looking, I was turned off. Spanky seemed determined however to get in: without standing in that line.

In the interest of full disclosure, Spanky is a VIP diva.

So after I got us in...don't was okay. The crowd was diverse, men in suits, brothers with designs cut into their hair, miniskirts and evening gowns. I know for a while I was trying to figure out when dress military jackets came into style. It was packed, the music brought back memories and it was good. But as I said, I'm a different vibe now. I like to know that folks I hang with....or at least know somebody I know knows them.

Sunday my RP had a lazy Sunday Cards/Playoff game gathering. A few of the gang fell though, spades was played, basketball watched and dominoes were There the single funniest event of the weekend happened. Three chicks roll in on a third hand invitation. No biggie, we're friendly folk so we make them welcome. Eventually two of them ask about the food, I invite them to help themselves and they do. The third girl saunters into the kitchen and asks one of my boys to "make her a plate". These are the first words she says to him. No Hi, no hello, no my name is xyz, or anything, just a command hiding behind a request. She's cute, but both her friends have guys names tattooed on their arms, so I'm certain she has a brand somewhere on her. My boy defers, invites her to help herself. She insists somebody has to put her food on a plate for her. My RP tells her she can eat all she wants. I tell her she's like family now..

And she never eats while she's there.

Her friends enjoy, but although we offer her a fork, empty plate and unfettered access to the food, she decides that if no one will serve her, she's not going to eat. They all leave shortly thereafter. We weren't sorry to see them go.

A little over a year ago, this weekend of a couple of spots and nice quiet Sunday hangout would have been just the thing. But I guess I've adapted to spending my evenings with my nose in a book...dedicated to education. Adaptation is survival. And since I've got a few more years of my evenings consumed with interpretations of the law...adaptation ain't a bad thing.

Barkeep...something summery.

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