Saturday, May 30, 2009

Actual Musings...

Ramblings Post #33
In the middle of the night, among mortal men and stout souls, those thoughts that find our minds open and willing are the musings that source from the dark end of the bar. It from there, a great number of the secrets of the life originate. Unfortunately, because like a tree falling in the forest, if nobody sober hears it, is the thought really profound?

The time when I start this is 1:27am EST.

It's Saturday morning, I've spent another night in the house. I'm not sure if I'm punishing myself or what, but although the promoter specifically told me to come, and asked what size sweater I wore so he could get me one, I did not attend Live From New York, a new happening with I think live music and a DJ...or something.

I also didn't go to the Delta's Swagger Party.

For the record, I'm tired of the term "swagger". Every three years we discover a new word or term, and we basically beat it to death. I remember trying to "get my swerve on", or when every other party was "the jump-off" and I'm just wondering when we'll all stop, breathe and try to be original. Is it that I'm old? Or think I'm getting old?

Or is that I realize the best rappers of today couldn't carry Ice Cube, Dana Dane or Biggie's luggage, much less carry on what they perfected.

I didn't go to the thing at Loca Luna, or the Comedy show at Leopard Lounge, or hit the Velvet Room, hell, I didn't even watch the game! Okay, about that, for the last three games, I've only tuned in at the start of the fourth quarter, usually around 11pm. Before that is dancing and shuffling. The networks lucked out on these Conference Finals, with all the last second heroics and tension. Now they can just get LeBron to the finals. They had a game watching party at Utopia...which means the game you could watch free, you can go there and watch....and buy drinks.

A few updates. Classes are classes. The two I'm taking this summer I actually like, and surprise, I seem to be actually learning!

It was short week at work, my name got bandied around for a new position, my defacto boss decided to actually do something project wise and they aren't changing the carpeting until next week, so I didn't have to move all the crap on my desk. Yay me.

Sporty hit me up this week. Then knocked me down. Then kept hitting me up until I felt okay...which is weird. It's like she knew.

I have brunch with Schmoopy tomorrow if I can find a brunch place. Where do people eat brunch in Dunwoody?

I have a spot that hurts, and if it still hurts tomorrow, I'm going to the doctor.

Ah hah! These would be musings! Now all I need is a bar!

I'm reaching a milestone, which much like all my previous milestones will quietly pass into the night as but a flash of signpost, a mysterious bump. But just because it more than likely won't be celebrated, doesn't mean I'm not thinking about the implications. What turning this age means.

Lately, my advice to younger men is to find a good woman...well, find the best woman available under current conditions...and settle down. Get married. I had a few opportunities, been asked but never asked anyone, and out here alone club hopping and party going at this age is starting to, and you can quote me, get old. In fact, my RP has been saying the same thing lately. Really, past 35, you need to seriously start considering it if you haven't.

Last weekend, which should have rated an update - my parents came to town, my pseudo niece graduated high school, my RP and I threw a party, I need to get my brother's rib recipe - but I was too lazy, too off and on. This weekend, other than Schmoopy and the doctor...

...I ain't trying to do much. A little homework. Maybe some house cleaning. Sleep.

It's now 1:54am EST. Ain't that something.

Barkeep. Tall glass of water. I'm thinking about giving up drinking...

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