Wednesday, April 29, 2009

All at once now....

Why does everything happen at the same time?

All those weeks when nothing was going on, and I was just going through the motions, and then bam! Three or four deadlines all fall in the same 72 hours. And since I'm procrastinator 85% of the time (it would be 90% but I'll put in the rest of my lazy later), suddenly I'm scrambling. Well, not really scrambling, but I am suddenly pressed for time. Exams. Registration. School loan stuff. Work projects. Medical exams. I'm even taking time off from the job to get stuff done. Now THAT is amazing.

And since I don't live in a hole, the world around me as well is missing out my comments and flashing past like a motorcycle jockey on 285. Don't get me wrong, but somebody needs to call a penalty for unnecessary roughness. Bad economy, war, job losses, and now possibly pandemic swine flu? Jeez, can we get a break for a few moments?

God, if you're listening. *cough* Lottery.

I'm just saying.

I've been busy studying so I haven't been updating this blog like I'm supposed to, but things keep rolling around in my mind (and since I'm on other things I'm not able to let them out) I'm gonna mention a few things during this brief respite and get back to my regular posting a little later.


- The banks still aren't lending money. But if we bailed them out because of the trouble making idiotic loans the first time, so why are we in such a rush that they get back to making those same idiotic loans?

- Obama's first 100 days. Yeah. Sounds kinda nice.

- Somebody call the Supreme Court and tell them just because we got a black president, they shouldn't gut the Voting Rights Act.

- Am I high, or did the Republicans just blame the Swine Flu on the Democrats?

- Did you know: The Falcons still have Mike Vick listed on the roster?

- If a company is too big to fail, maybe it's just too big.


- Why did my doctor change my blood pressure perscription to a dosage not covered by my health plan?

- This summer I'm redoing my yard. Steppes, baby for this sloped as trick.

- This summer I'm also getting back in the, on the track and getting my three miles a day back. Then I'm getting on past that!

- Which is why I didn't do the the March of Dimes 5K this year with Schmoopy....sowwy, I would still be running...

- Gym time not withstanding, I made biscuits the other day from scratch...and they were delicious.

- I just watched the Daily Show for the first time in weeks due to my schedule. Damn that show is funny.

- Bea Arthur's passing was bad. I watched Golden Girls, loved it. I had an idea for a movie idea that was perfect for her at 80. She will be missed.

- I suddenly have a need for a vanilla shake (but I ain't gonna).

Anyway, the second of my three finals is Friday night at 6pm, and I need to get on with the get on. And my health exam, complete with the "rubber glove test" is tomorrow at 9am. So I get it in the tailpipe twice this week...

Barkeep...something a little, er... "numbing"

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Anonymous said...

What?? No little "pre" paragraph? These were your 'signature'! Now your blog is looking a lot like every other blog. Come on... don't short us now that you are under a bit of pressure. :)