Thursday, April 23, 2009

And now we come to the showdown..

My admittedly meager knowledge vs the diabolical mind of my property law professor. I'm writing this to unwind my mind for a moment. A mental deep breath between reps. My test is in about two and half hours and I'm in the law library writing and re-writing my notes to sear the information into my brain.

I spent last night going over old tests and identifying issues, so that I don't make the error of getting the overall question wrong and go off on a tangent. I've only got three hours - sounds like a lot of time, but it ain't - and I need to come out swinging.

At the review he said it was going to be either 3 or 4 questions. But three questions from this guy might involve 8 or 10 pages of answers. No notes or outlines. You just have to know.

I would be very nervous right about now.

Barkeep. Whatever makes you memorize stuff real real good.

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